Visionless Political Leadership Torments Nepal

The concern of the Nepalese people is complete democracy. The Nepalese people don’t want communism. Although the parliamentary systems in practice around the world vary in their nature, they are run adjusted into the nation’s situation. However, in Nepal the leaders of the so-called big parties- Congress, UML, Maoist have not shown any concern on the type of parliamentary system relevant for Nepal.

In any nation, whether the system is of communism or parliamentary one, the political leadership has a huge part to play in the backdrop. But in Nepal the leaders, regardless of which party they belong to, do not have a viewpoint.

The political leadership is swarmed by visionless and opportunists. Everyone knows, the visionless leadership and corruption has taken a huge role, that the foreign intervention has crossed its limit. But the leaders here do not want to speak a word about how the nation is on a downward spiral.

The leaders are even capable of putting themselves on auction to fulfill their self-interest. How much money do they need to fill their one stomach? For how long will we have to watch the nude dance of the traitors? A popular saying- ‘A rotten potato kept along with fresh ones in a bag will rotten the rest’, the character-less leaders of the nation has rotten the nation’s political system. This is a matter of great sadness for the nation.

We who have gotten the opportunity to run this nation have failed to give it a right direction. The result is that this sovereign holy land today stands amongst the list of world’s poor and corrupt nations. Despite the discord and controversies between King Mahendra and B.P Koirala, only these two individuals have remained alive in national politics.

It is not that existence of royal institution poses danger on democracy. The royal institution is a patriotic institution that has been fighting imperialist forces. To join hands with the royal institution means guarantee of security of Nepal’s stability and democracy.

In 1958 Saddam Hussein removed the royal institution in Iraq by the instigation of USA and imposed an authoritarian rule, the result became suicidal and the existence of Iraq is in danger position. The people of Afghanistan are in despair from the time royal institution was removed. Since the days when the Monarchy, the patriotic institution, was bargained in Nepal it is in perilous condition.

Political system has the supreme position in a state. The political system guides the nation’s economic, social and all other aspects. It determines the major policy and programs which is followed with commitment by the general community. There needs to be a decision in regard to the type of political system to run the nation.

There is no commitment in opinion that all sides must unite to reform the parliamentary system. Due to the eccentric corrupt characters of the party leaders, the parliamentary system has not come to right path. For this we must revert to the 1990 Constitution and land on the democratic path to save the nation. There are not other alternatives. The parties are choosing the ethnic lines to operate themselves. This is tantamount to opting for a suicidal path.

If all of us are to focus on reformation of the nationalist democratic line of Nepali Congress, the progressive line of patriotic communists and nationalist line of the royalists, the Nepalese people will not have to suffocate like this. Political system is paramount which decides the economical, social, innovative administrative system and the way of life of the nation. Political system never fails itself if the good leadership is there.

If mistakes find in the working process, the politicians tackle the defects in time would gain people’s support and become stabilized.If we patriots are to identify the problem and find solution for the nation, Nepal will transform into a prosperous nation in the world. We should measure the depth of our nation and identify it. May the political party leaders end their nude dance? No one can live like this. Our common desire is a sovereign Nepal.

‘Mera Sana Dukhale Aryako Muluk Hoina, Sabailai Chetana Bhaya’ (It is not a nation made through small effort, may all know this), this divine message by the nation’s creator Prithvinarayan Shah should be studied by all of us for once. We Nepalese should change our consciousness. Any how- the Sovereign Nepal Should be Prosperous.