Veracity of Colored Faces of Traitors in Nepal

Nepal is the land of Hinduism and Buddhism. It stands alone as a peaceful nation in world. Due to the traitors’ ruling since 2006, it has turned into a battle ground for foreign powers. Nepal is in degrading position. These traitors especially the Maoists and then Congress, UML took billions in economic support at the initiative of Indian intelligence agency and European nations to turn Nepal into a battle ground of foreigners in the name of Christianity and Free Tibet to break China.

To accomplish their objective they staged a drama of agitation in the name of Constituent Assembly (CA) to establish secularism, republicanism and federalism, which has strangulated Nepal. The faces of the incumbent Prime Minister – Maoists’ leader Baburam Bhattarai, the Maoist – Prachanda, former House Speaker Subash Nemwang, Madhav nepal, Jhalanath Khanal, Bamdev, Sushil Koirala, Sher Bahadur Deuba, Ram Chandra Poudel, Krishna Sitaula and former leftist Nilambar Acharya, and some nonsense corrupts Madhesi leaders including leaders from NC and UML are disgusting. They are all paying agents of RAW, EU and CIA.

There would not be a Nepalese person who would not be furious at these traitors. In the main NC late leader, former PM late Girija Prasad Koirala, is responsible in bringing Nepal to such a plight and then the Maoist who have double standard whose intention is to break the identity, unity and prestige of Nepal. Although the culprit NC’s leader has passed away he will never be rid of the stain of treason.

NC leader Girija had declared a bounty on the heads of Maoists by branding them terrorists during the insurgency period. However, Girija Prasad, attracted by the prospect of leading the agitation and becoming the PM, took suggestions from Indian intelligence agency, and shook hands with the same Maoists. UML and Madhav Nepal have no real status and they too happily followed NC to befriend Maoists. Let’s us think, what can be more treacherous than this? In the absent of monarch’s guardianship, Nepal is in danger position.

A top Nepalese scholar Arun Shrivastava expresses ‘Colored Revolution” in Nepal?’ -Nepal’s ancient political institutions and culture flourished because the people were wise. History says that Nepal’s ancestors evolved a sophisticated participatory decentralized local self government in ancient Nepal, then known as Kirat Pradesh to which the Limbus and Licchavis also contributed later. What is not a mystery is that wherever the ‘custodians of chaos’ INGOs, NGOs, US-AID, Ford Foundation, DfID, George Soros funded Human Rights organizations and the UN-Framework Team go, they make the target nation ungovernable. That is the situation in Nepal today. The India-versus-China fixation is Nepali leaders’ problem but how many Nepali leaders have a workable and practical economic policy that would help the people of Nepal?

The India-versus-China fixation is Nepali leaders’ problem but how many Nepali leaders have a workable and practical economic policy that would help the people of Nepal? The Agenda of INGOs and NGOs-To manipulate and discredit dominant religion and eventually cause its destruction; To strengthen the cult of Christian Fundamentalism; the attack on Hindu temples, the abusive statements of NEFIN leaders denouncing Hindus, the database and map created by the Joshua Project funded by Christian fundamentalists are all a coordinate process to the third point, which is essentially.

To destroy national identity and national pride by instigating ethnic and caste divide. To prevent people and their leaders from deciding their own destiny by means of one engineered crisis after another and then posing as “managers of the crises” or even allowing a situation of drift; the 10-year long civil war and four year long attempt and utter failure to draft a new Constitution is the most glaring example. To pave the way for predatory and environmentally destructive capitalist system and simultaneously weaken the traditional socio-cultural system of managing common pool resources with equitable benefit sharing which will destroy the ecologically fragile Himalayas.

The problem of Maoists and ethnic identity federalists is that both groups are inextricably ensnared in the agenda of INGOs, international development agencies and Sores funded human rights institutions. Their employees enjoy relatively higher standard of living as compared to common citizen. Once a society has this sort of linkages, it is difficult to throw them out. Nonetheless, NGOs and INGOs have become Trojan horse in all developing countries with the single objective of breaking as many nations as they can into economically ungovernable entities while the natural resources are plundered. And all the diplomats from West Europe and USA are deeply involved in this.

While the Indian leadership has drifted perilously close to the same fascistic western alliance and financial system, at least the Chinese leadership is making a serious attempt to create a parallel financial system: they have recently announced that oil and gas will be traded in Yuan and Russia has promised them as much oil and gas they want and any country can opt out of dollar hegemony. Has any ethnic identity federalist or Maoist leader said that Nepal should opt out of dollar hegemony or the hegemony of Indian rupee and purchase oil and gas from China paid for in Yuan? Is Bhattarai’s power located in Capitol Hill or Buckingham Palace or Delhi? Has Prachand any economic agenda of keeping India out that would benefit Nepali people?

The truth is that foreign funded Maoists and NGOs in Nepal are clueless about the nature of the western intervention. Their foolishness will cause immense hardship for Nepali people and many problems for China, India and the entire Himalayan region. The people of Nepal should know that the custodians of chaos are the Maoist, NGOs and INGOs and all these institutions are funded by global predatory oligarchy.

It is a matter of grief, since 2006, this pious land is suffering from the traitors who are in regime. Their intention is only to destroy this pious land for power and money by the hint and donation by the foreigners for Christianity. The Tarun weekly edition of 13 August 2012 has produced facts relating to the corruption and degeneration of politicians holding high posts and prestige in Nepal- ‘Former chief of parliament Damannath Dhungana travels in a blue vehicle and he works at an organization ‘Nepal Transition to Peace Initiative (NTPI)’. The Swiss Embassy provides $ 3,000 (Rs. 250,000) monthly to dozens of activists of ‘Civil Society’ like former house speaker the traitor- Damannath Dhungana and former minister and caste-based person Padmaratna Tuladhar (his mother was Tibetan), who have worked in sensitive positions.

The NPTI runs on Swiss investment and has a dozen indigenous employees and vehicles with Swiss Embassy’s number plates. NPTI’s office that is located in Dillibazaar carries out mysterious activities.

It is said that such mysterious organizations like NPTI, which is visited by Maoists’ leader Khimlal Devkota and Nepali Congress so-called leader Arjunnarsingh KC, numbers above 50 in Nepal. The list of the names of leaders, professors, lawyers and former employees affiliated with such organizations run by Christians is long. The objective of these organizations is to influence the leaders in the state’s decision making positions to achieve its interests.

Christian missions have afforded the expensive lifestyle of Congress politicians the culprit man former minister Narhari Acharya, Prof. Krishna Hachethu, the well-known communal-Krishna Bhattachan, antinationalist Prof. Krishna Khanal, Pro-Indian Prof. Lokraj Baral, Hari Sharma, Bishnu Sapkota, communal man Angkaji Sherpa among others. There are some activists of Civil Society like Subodh Pyakurel, Sudip Pyakurel, Devendraraj Pandey, Sundermani Dixit, K. Sangraula, Kishore Pahadi, Syam Shrestha such culprits and some former ministers that receive dollars. It is understood that the countries investing in these matters are Britain, Norway, Switzerland and India.

The most fortunate of all in these matters seems to be the pro-Indian Lokraj Baral. NTPI has taken the initiative to supply intellectuals just like Gauri Pradhan-(Brother in law of Padmaratna Tuladhar) who supplies street urchins to increase the number of demonstrators during the agitations? In context of Nepal, the human rights activists are all renter and hunger of money. They are the opportunists who advocate for those who can give them money.

The current chaos results from the maladministration of the political parties after they misused the parliament that was reinstated after an agreement with the King, ending the people’s uprising of 2006. Nepali language was established as the common language of all ethnic groups and protects the numerous mother tongues. Anyone who does not understand this truth will not understand Nepal’s nationality. This is why the leaders who came to the fore after 2006 failed.

On 27 May 2008, the then Home Minister Krishna Sitaula, who was not even an MP having lost the election, stood inside Parliament to declared a republic. This was an unconstitutional act in itself. An individual having lost the election and not being a member of parliament has no right to participate at a parliament meeting. We must bring out a list of the names of such corrupts Prime Ministers, ministers, secretaries, general directors, project chiefs, contractors and businessmen who embezzled huge amounts of money from the state treasury after 2006. The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) must be directed to arrest them for appropriate action.

The seized money should be nationalized. The Constituent Assembly Members including the irresponsible former Speaker Subash Nembang should be punished for taking remuneration and using all facilities and benefits and failing to perform their duty; they must refund the money to the public fund. In Haiti, a strict form of punishment was introduced to discourage corruption when the nation plunged into excessive corruption.

My some important suggestions:

1) The state facilities given to parliament, Constituent Assembly, and cabinet, as per interim constitution 2006, must be returned to the state. The money collected from the sweat and blood of citizens was used for a certain purpose which went unfulfilled. It should be returned to the state, or in future it will be difficult to control the activities of criminals.

(2) A law must be passed debarring the members of the parliament, Constituent Assembly and the cabinet from contesting the forthcoming general election, and for five years from any election.

(3) All facilities, decisions, including Citizenship Act that have been a burden on the nation and introduced after the implementation of the controversial interim constitution must be repealed.

(4) Foreigners must be prohibited from spending or distributing excessive amount of money in the country. The state must take control of the international NGOs and their funds. The state must control such foreign economic support and spend it scrupulously, for management of which a separate body can be created at the Ministry for Local Development. In this way, foreign activities can be checked and their intervention stopped.

The Nepalese people have no wish to listen to or look at the faces of leaders from the Nepali Congress, UML, Maoists and the Madhesi parties. The Constituent Assembly is expired already and then the President and PM have also lost their post after the experiment of CA, Then, the 1990 constitution has regained full legitimacy; we must use it to form an inclusive cabinet according to the 1990 constitution with monarchy and that will resolve the current crisis.

D.R. Prasai
Dirgha Raj Prasai is a former Member of Parliament in Nepal, a political analyst who writes from Kathmandu.