UNMIN Should Quit Nepal!

From the very beginning, Nepal has respectfully followed the objectives of the United Nations. It may be the UN, as an organization, is working for peace in Nepal. At present, Nepalese people are confused by the suspicious activities of UNMIN (UN representatives).

As we all know, the stated objective of UNMIN is to establish peace in Nepal, but to the contrary, what we have seen is “The Team of Representatives – UNMIN” organizing against the peace process in Nepal. We are totally puzzled to understand whether UNMIN is here to establish peace or to confuse people.

We really don’t understand, “What is the interest of UNMIN and America in Nepal?” Is it only for their own interest to destroy China, calling it free-Tibet? If not, why is UNMIN instigating civil war in Nepal?

Nepal is positioned between two big nations, ‘China and India’. Although Nepal is closer to India in terms of culture and geography, Nepal has always been victimized by Indian imperialism. The open border between Nepal and India means we constantly suffer from Indian intrusion.

The infamous Indian intelligence agency ‘RAW’ is working to implement its grand design to make Nepal and Nepalese suffer more. If Nepal becomes an unstable and disturbed land it will even affect the unity of India. I believe that if this Anarchy rages, it will go uncontrolled beyond this country and may also affect India.

We Nepalese people request India not to interfere and victimize Nepal, as they were found involved in abolishing the Monarchy. The Monarchy and Parliamentary Democracy is a factor for the stability of Nepal and is a mediation for good relationship between India and China. Many of us wish for the acceptance and restoration of our benevolent and people-oriented monarchy to establish peace and save Nepal’s sovereignty.

Nepalese people expected that the UN’s role would be impartial. But the UN could not remain neutral. The UNMIN listens only to the Maoist rebels and the corrupt leaders of the so-called big parties, totally disregarding the aspirations of the majority of Nepalese people. By hatching such a conspiracy, Ian Martin, the special representative of the UNMIN and others like him are working to push Nepal into a bloodier civil war and conflict by keeping even the UN headquarters under a shadow.

From the very beginning, UNMIN has been demoralizing Nepal’s Army and supporting the Maoists and their rebels by allowing them to keep their weapons in the cantonment. UNMIN also allowed them start the youth force (YCL), which acts to provide their version of law and order, as they used to do during their revolution.

Where in the world, would a country be able to protect its sovereignty by making the national army weak and powerless?

Martin always tries to extend his duration and this could prove fatal to Nepal’s sovereignty and national integrity. It’s because of wrong representatives, that there was bloodshed in countries like Vietnam, North Korea, South Korea, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Did UN play any role to avert the civil war?

The UN also never played any positive role for the right of self-determination of the Palestinians!

Why did the UN fail to heal the misery of the people of Lebanon? And not even those who were chased.

It is because of the irresponsibility of UN representatives. We Nepalese know very well about Martin’s interest. When he was in East Timor, it was on his initiative that the rebel armies were reintegrated into the National Army and that led to the army rebellion and invited a civil war. He wants the same to happen in Nepal.

It is quite frustrating for Nepalese people that the tenure of UNMIN has been prolonged by the Nepalese empowered traitors for the third time. Ian Martin has urged Nepal’s army not to enlist new recruits over concerns after the Nepal Army began a recruitment drive to fill vacancies.

Why is UNMIN chief Ian Martin advising the Nepal Government not to recruit the new army? As Nepal is a sovereign country, the Nepalese army is free to do anything for the country. Nepalese people should not tolerate foreign intervention in our domestic affairs.

The situation will not be very pleasing for the United Nations. So, we want the UN headquarters to not consider or implement the reports and suggestions submitted by Ian Martin and his team. We earnestly request the UN Secretary General not to make a mistake in deploying bad representatives like Ian Martin to troubled areas like Nepal.

Although after the UN Chief, Secretary-General Hon. Ban Ki-moon’s 22-hour visit, Nepal couldn’t find any way to open the door. The visit of the UN Chief was rather centralized to the Birth Place of Buddha as a pilgrim.

We are still confused about the Secretary-General’s visit to Nepal. What is his intention regarding the Maoists (Communist Party), their combatants and about the People’s Republic in Nepal (one-party totalitarianism)? We couldn’t find any creative answers from Mr. Ban. It is a matter of grief for Nepal.

Let all Nepalese (all over the world), Unite and Protest against the action of UNMIN in order to protect the sovereignty of Nepal.

“UNMIN! Quit Nepal”.

“UNMIN! Quit Nepal”.