“Thank You Comrade” Alesandar Vulin Wrong Proposal to Split Albanian Kosovo!

“Thank you comrade” Aleksandar Vulin for your wrong proposal to split Albanian Kosovo.

Serbia’s Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin has declared on February 6, 2018, that Kosovo must be divided between his Republic Serbia and Republic of Kosovo as a political compromise for the final solution that would be accepted by official Belgrade and Pristina in order to reconcile Serbs and Albanians and normalize relations between two independent countries in the Balkans.

Here’s exactly what Serbia’s Defense Minister Vulin wants : “Serbia should seek a partition agreement with neighboring Kosovo in order to end a dispute that is hampering Belgrade’s accession to the European Union.Belgrade refuses to recognize the independence of Kosovo, its former province and home to a minority of 120,000 ethnic Serbs, despite pressure from Brussels for the two to improve relations as a precondition for EU membership.” (See hurriyetdailynews).

But, this political will of minister Aleksandar Vulin cannot be fulfilled theoretically nor practically because of the fact that historically, Kosovo belongs to “Albanians who are the descendants of the Illyrians i.e they are indigenous people in Kosovo. They are the most ancient people around. Slavs that came to Balkans Peninsula at the end of 6th century, began to appear in Kosovo by the end of the 12th century.” (See more in “Kosovo Today” written by well-known Albanian Academic Mark Krasniqi, Prishtina, 1992, p.40).

As above the idea of the Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin its impossible, unacceptable, unjustified and political madness because of the fact that Kosovo historically and geopolitically belongs to indigenous Albanians and Ethnic Albania. This is the main reason Kosovo will never be portioned, re-annexed and re-colonized by former colonial and genocidal Serbia (1912-1999).

aleksandar vulin.
Aleksandar Vulin, Serbia’s Defense Minister.

There are many arguments why Serbs cannot get any percent (zero percent) of Albanian Kosovo. First, Serbian minority of 7% in Kosovo is a colonial remnant. Second, Kosova is an indigenous and integral part of the territory of Ethnic Albania, not of Serbia.

These historical data are known from “Appianus and Herodotus and archaeological and anthropological findings, it is an established fact that, since ancient times, and today, too, Albanian Kosovo has been inhabited by the Illyrians, who are the ancestors of the present-day Albanians who constitute 90% of its habitants, and henceforth must be rightly called Albanian Kosovo.”

Third, Albanians in continuity of Kosovo’s history have been the majority, not minority as Serbian official statistics, false historiography, and Serbian Orthodox Church false data, too, have been presented for their public opinion, and external one.

Fourth, “Serbia does not have a continuous history. For several hundred years, Kosovo was not part of Serbia, because there was no Serbia to be part of: during most of the long Ottoman period, Serbia did not exist as an entity at all. Kosovo was annexed de facto by Serbia within living memory, in 1912; de jure, it was not annexed by the Serbian kingdom at all.”

Fifth, Kosovo has the right to self-determination and to be supported by the United Nations, the United States, the European Union (EU), NATO, OSCE etc., because it will contribute to the security, stability and lasting peace not only in the Balkans, but in Europe, too.

This unambiguous rational concept which is in favor to the Kosovo’s independence, officially and rightly was assessed by McShane. Speaking at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg/ October 4, 2006/ he says Kosovo Should be Independent.

Denis McShane MP, former Europe minister, has said “it will not be possible for Kosovo to be ruled by Serbia and that the international community should now accept that Kosovo will be an independent state within Europe. There is no more chance of Kosovo returning to rule from Belgrade than there is of Latvia or Estonia returning to rule under Moscow. The time has come to let Kosovo be Kosovo. I believe Serbia has a great future as a European nation and one of the leading nations in all the Balkans. But the Serbs have to look to a 21st century future and that will not include being masters in Kosovo.”

Mehdi Hyseni is an Albanian Ph.D. in International Political Relations, residing in Boston.