Royal Nepalese Army Committed To Peace

The Royal Nepalese Army (RNA) has been acclaimed both at home and abroad for its disciplined and dedicated work in maintaining peace and human rights. It is the bravery and the discipline of the RNA personnel that have enhanced the image and prestige of Nepal in the international arena.

The RNA has participated in peacekeeping operations in many troubled spots around the world at the call of the United Nations. The performance of the RNA has been lauded by all, which has increased the demand for Nepalese peacekeepers in the international arena.

Back home too, the role of the RNA has been crucial in protecting the lives and property of the people. The RNA has been acting in close cooperation with the people for the country’s interest. The people have always supported the Royal Nepalese Army for its role in defending the nation and people’s rights. Be it in the unification, development or modernisation of the country, the role of the Royal Nepalese Army has been instrumental.

As the nation is in a crisis at present due to the violence and terrorism, the role of the RNA has grown even more. The army was called in and mobilised nationwide to protect the lives and property of the people. The brave soldiers have been fighting against the terrorists in the difficult terrain and jungles risking their own life to safeguard the people’s human rights and freedom, which deserves commendation. As a result of the round the clock vigil and dedicated work of the RNA, people are starting to feel safer and more secure.

As the municipal elections are round the corner, the Royal Nepalese Army has taken the responsibility of providing complete security so that the municipal elections are held in a free, fair and peaceful manner. There should be absolutely no doubt over the intention of the army. The most fundamental right of the people is the right to live, to which the Royal Nepalese Army is committed.

The RNA has also been very sensitive towards people’s civil and political rights. Against this background, the spokesperson of the Royal Nepalese Army Brigadier General Nepal Bhusan Chand has made it clear that the RNA is fully committed to ensuring security during the municipal polls and protecting the fundamental rights of the people.

The spokesperson reiterated RNA’s commitment to fulfill its mandate to restore peace and security in the country. At a press briefing in the capital the other day, the RNA spokesperson mentioned that the municipality elections were an important event in consolidating democracy in the country and, as in the past, it would check and help control the activities that seek to disturb the process of conducting polls in different municipalities of the country.

As the forces bent on disrupting the polls are active in creating chaos, it is the duty of the law enforcement agencies and the security apparatus to ensure that lawlessness and disturbances do not derail the democratic process. Election is the heart and soul of democracy, and without it, the people will not have the opportunity to exercise their rights and elect representatives who are responsive and accountable to the people.

Accountable people’s representatives can be put in place to assume responsibility to conduct affairs and foster the tenets of good governance only when the electoral process is maintained to enable people to cast their votes in a free and fearless environment. Not only the so-called constitutional forces, but also the elements preaching violence and anarchy are using their destructive mode and means to disturb the polling process.

It is indeed unfortunate that the political parties that affirm their commitment to democratic values have joined hands with the extra-systemic rebels to torpedo the elections. It is the duty of the state to employ all means and measures not to let the forces espousing an anti-poll platform to sabotage the democratic process. Though allegations have been leveled against the RNA over human rights violations, the ground reality substantiates that it has responded to all the concerns and complaints regarding human rights abuses through proper action.

The oft-repeated commitment of the RNA towards human rights protection should be taken at face value and unwarranted charges against it about violation of human rights need to be responded with strong rebuttal. As the RNA is working to protect the human rights of the people, there should not be any attempt from any quarters to lower the morale of the army. At this crucial juncture, all the people must extend support to the RNA and boost its morale.