Nepali Congress Leader Girija Prasad Koirala has died

Since 2006, due to the leadership of the late Girija Prasad Koirala, former PM of Nepal, Nepalese people tolerated the worst political practice made by corrupt and culprit leaders.

The nation achieved the climaxed height of the lawlessness, theft, robbery, ransom and murders. The corruption is out of control. A corrupt tendency has been institutionalizing as a system.

The Nepalese justice system has failed in practice. In every criminal case, police have still refusing to register the criminal complaints, sometimes in the face of a court order to do so. Due to the culprit’s regime, the government has failed to reform laws that impede effective criminal investigations into past violations. There is no justice in Nepal, no rule of law and no government.

The anarchist party leaders including the Maoists and senior most government officials cannot escape justice. The culprit leaders and security officials must be punished because they are not employed to kill citizens. The party leaders thought the movement for democracy was just to rise in power, earn money, loot the country and get more personal facilities. All the political and administrative mechanism has defunct.

Experiences are the proofs to reveal that all the political traitors invested their time and energy just for power and to accumulate big chunk of money, land, home and expensive vehicles. Their amassed properties in the name of democracy are hidden in different banks, lands, big houses and business. If anybody can know the reality, we should search the home and abroad Girija’s daughter’s money, land, Bus services and such unseen properties. Democracy has been abused as a ladder for power by the anti-nationalist political leaders. So, we are suffering from the traitors who are in regime.

Now, the main hero of destructor, Girija has died. According to the Hindu culture, everybody mourns for the death person. RAM (Hindu God) killed Rawon (evil person) in Sri-Lanka. RAM and Rawon both are Hindus. After the death of Rawon RAM requested to Bivusan (his brother) to honour his dead body and RAM also himself tributed him. Nepalese people also tributed Girija’s death, thinking not as a creative leader. In fact, Nepali Congress leader -Girija Prasad Koirala, Nepali Congress-Girija Prasad Koirala, personally, he was a good man but politically he was visionless, power-hunger. Actually, he is a traitor in the Nepalese nationality.

In 1991, Girija Prasad Koirala became the Prime Minister. After becoming the premier, Koirala Congressionized the nation’s administrative management and introduced several, plans and pilfered state coffers. Koirala until 1994, sold 12 organizations and industries contributed by China, taking millions as commission. He drained the nation’s economy through the Boeing, Damija and Lauda scams in the name of suppressing communist- the suppression impelled Maoist revolution.

It was Koirala’s habit to support the King when he retains the post and jump in opposition against King after being removed from the post. Koirala who became Prime Minister every now and then through many conspiracies became PM once again after 2005 by treading on the Constitution and riding on Maoist shoulders. We believed he would not repeat the past mistakes while working.

No one can succeed by breaking the agreement. On 24, April, 2006, the people’s uprising came to an end after an agreement was reached between the monarchy, NC and UML and Maoist included. The agitators were pleading for monarchy as an alternative force in times of crisis. An agreement was reached to reinstate the House of Representatives, which was dissolved under NC recommendation although the monarchy did not possess the right to reinstate it.

The monarchy reinstated the parliament and appointed Girija Prasad Koirala to the post of premiership. The oath of office ceremony of Prime Minister was given by the king himself in the royal palace premises. Gradually, the agreement reached with the king was broken and the royal institution attacked, which is a work of huge betrayal – A political agreement 24 April, 2006-a political betrayal. After reaching the state power Koirala declared secularism and republic to perish Nepal’s identity. Traitors never become positive.

Like the portrayed Lendhup Dorje to gobble up Sikkim, the agenda of the constituent assembly is the pretext of RAW by making the leaders of so-called big parties including Girija to stand on its behalf. The communists also have fallen into the Indian trap and treading on the path of treachery and treason against the country.

With the magic wand these parties and the leaders, who had utterly failed when there was cooperation from every side, now have that one can believe they can shore up the country from these problems. Former Nepali Congress leader BP Koirala used to say: ‘The state of Nepal cannot remain without monarchy and even socialism can co-exist with monarchy in Nepal.’ Similarly, on the ethnic issue, BP Koirala used to say, ‘To incite and instigate Madhesi, Pahadi, Rai, Limbu and others in the name of ethnicity is an act of treachery against the country. Won’t it adopt this strategy?’ But Girija Prasad had left behind BP’s principle and it is going on the path of anti-nationalist to destroy the unity, identity and sovereignty of Nepal.

Girija P.Koirala is the first terrorist as per the International Law because any hijackers are considered to be the terrorist.’ Former minister Prakash Koirala (elder son of the founder of Nepali Congress BP Koirala) also says -Girija Babu created chaos in the country. There is no law and order and the presence of the government is nil. Where and when has he brought peace in Nepal? What kinds of relief package has he given to the people?’ (14th Jun-2010 Peoples Review) So, I request to all to understand the reality of the culprit leaders in the world.

The sovereignty of Nepal is in danger. The country’s independent and future cannot be secured either by republic or the People’s Republic. But why are they raising the point that can put the country in serious risk. ? If anyone wants the assurance of integrity and lasting peace, justice and richness in this country, one must not be confused about the country’s century’s old customs and religion, monarchy.

One must seek ways to strengthen its nationalism and national integrity and parliamentary democracy instead of republic. One cannot have parliamentary democracy and communism, simultaneously, in one country. The only way to stop more bloodshed in this country is to should have to establish constitutional monarchy and strengthen parliamentary democracy. Let Nepalese politicians and foreign friends of Nepal make up their minds in this regard.