Nepal Remains Insecure of Greedy Traitors

The chaos faced by we Nepalese is due to a bad tendency prevalent in the political party leaders who do not want to acknowledge their crimes. How to chase them is the concern for us today. The foreigners are using the culprit Brahmins, who are in the leadership of the political parties, civil society, and human rights, to gain its goal to impose their influence on Nepal. There are 30/40 such Brahmins and 4/5 such non-Brahmins. The secularism, republic structure of the nation and the ethnic autonomy is being misused as the base for disintegrating Nepal through these people.

The people are being tricked with the money spent through non-governmental organizations and civil society run by these swindlers. At times, they talk of drafting the constitution in agreement and sometimes they talk of choosing a Prime Minister. There is no such thing as agreement in a multiparty competitive politics. The nation determines its path by brewing opinions from these multi-viewpoints. Those at the reign of the regime should not only look for the interest of their parties but rather the interest of the nation.

On whose gesture was the royal institution displaced without the consent of the people and that too two years before the drafting of the constitution. The monarch was displaced through Constituent Assembly (CA). This is a serious defect of the party leaders. They pleaded with the same monarch to reinstate the parliament. In addition, they demolished the institution and self-proclaimed their own head of state. This is in direct contradiction to natural justice. We Nepalese will never support such anti-nationalist conspiracy. Why had the Maoist rebelled yesterday, if they had to follow the instructions of the foreigners to blackmail the royal institution and Nepal’s nationality?

Why should they tread the path of serious crime by betraying the nation like that of trickster-Mirjafar of Bengal, Jayachand of Rajasthan and Lendup Dorje of Sikkim? But, time is powerful. The foreigners’ conspiracies will not run forever. Whosoever they are, those traitors that had been the dealers of the foreign forces are now debtors of punishment. They do not want to acknowledge their blunders. They are traitors. When time slips, they will not find any place in this country to hide themselves.

The evaluation of the leaders is done based on their works. Even Buddha will blemish if he leaves the chosen path. ‘If the person descends from the heaven, he will die if he is immortal, the heat of the concern will emaciate him or will become a stone’, like the famous dramatist-poet Balkrishna Sama said. No matter how big a leader is, if he forgets his path he will fall into hell.

The leaders of Nepali Congress, UML and Maoist stopped the agitation on basis of agreement and reached the peak. They have treaded on the constitution and forced their opinion. They have spoken what they like and for these reasons they will fall into hell. They never listened to the people that were trapped in heat of abduction, murder, injustice, corruption, shortage, and inflation. They never gave any value to the opposition. The people were not able to do anything that cry when Girija Prasad’s daughter and his relatives, the leader of Maoist- Prachanda, UML, RPP activists and their relatives drained the state coffer.

The situation is such that the people are in need of carrying a stick against the leaders. Girija Prasad sold the industries that were in profit by taking the billions of commission. Maoist rebellion rose due to Girija’s such activities, which included the various scandalous issues. After that, the Maoist rebellions burned infrastructure worth billions that resulted in Nepal’s retrogression. Then, the Nepalese youths became workless and useless.

In such a scenario, the politicians are only holding disputes for money, power, and positions. They are not developing instead causing the nation to drown, and that in support from the foreign powers. Whether it is the king or the parties, Nepalese do not want any kind of authoritarian regime. We can make a common democratic policy for a strict discipline for a good rule. It is the political norm to investigate the defects seen in our system, and us and show the right path.

Since 2005-the Loktantra (so-called democracy) became the path to establish secularism, republic, and federalism for Christian state. In this way, Nepal was entrapped in high corruption and anti-nationalist path. Indian Congress leader Sonia Gandhi, her son and daughter and relatives are Christians. A joint effort of Sonia Gandhi-Congress I, RAW and CIA is underway in Nepal, using the Christians Nepalese-Maoists, to end the identity and norms of the nation.

Due to wrong elements inside the politics, the foreigners are able to exercise their influence here. It is clear; constitution cannot be drafted from this defamed Constituent Assembly. If it is drafted it is not likely to gain popular support. The nation should not be detained in such a pending state. Until and unless there is a concept of moving ahead with the concept of developing the nation by saving its dignity, until then the problems would not be solved.

The nation will not run in this fashion. The alternative would be to pass a viewpoint from a high-level political conference involving the monarch, the intellectual society, and the political parties for reformation of the nation’s nationality, royal institution, and parliamentary democracy. The viewpoint for the nation should be made a common opinion of everyone.

Now the Loktantic regime (2006-2010) has failed. The only alternative is to return to 1990 Constitution. The king needs to form an inclusive cabinet under the leadership, may be the Maoist Chairperson Prachanda (being a controversial leader) find a solution on that backing. On basis of this concept in the presence of the monarch, cabinet should be formed with those untainted nationalist individuals. We should find a political solution with a joint effort as such. There are no other alternatives.