Monarchial Democracy or People’s Republic in Nepal?

Nepal fell into an abyss after Girija Prasad Koirala from Nepali Congress, Madhav Nepal of UML and Prachandas of Maoist signed the 12-point agreement in 2005 following the orders of India. After a terrorized agitation instigated under the leadership of Congress leader Girija Prasad, active support of Maoist and direct support from India, Girija became the Prime Minister with the understanding between India and Maoist.

Girija and Maoists are hugely responsible for institutionalizing secularism, republic and federalism. In Nepal, secularism, republic and federalism are the solution of the radical communism. NC’s late Girija and UML’s Madhav Nepal kicked out nationality and democracy betraying the King. For this reason, their names will remain as tainted as like the disgraced- Lendup Dorje of Sikkim.

Nepali Congress founder-B.P.Koirala had returned from India after 1976 bearing the viewpoint of national agreement. He had understood India’s malicious intentions. Nepal’s nationality is fast moving on a downward spiral for our insensitivity towards nationality and due to some brokers of the likes of Girija and Madhav Nepal. Maoist is a rebellion force. What Maoist wants cannot still be determined yet.

Leader of anti-nationalist agitation Girija has already passed away. Madhav Nepal continues to live. These leaders did as told by Maoist in the earlier days. Now it is unsuitable for NC and UML to oppose Maoist. Can they do as told by Maoist yesterday for power positions and oppose them now? There are no alternatives than for Nepali Congress and UML to enter the Maoist party.

Who will trust NC and UML if they continue to bear the body of democracy while following the Maoist views? Yes, the mistakes that were committed yesterday could be fixed. Had Nepali Congress tried in its 12th general convention to condemn Girija fs betrayal and take into account the sentiments of BP Koirala, Ganeshman and Krishna Prasad Bhattarai to correct itself, it would have been able to do something better with its fundamental views. But now it is a different scenario. NC and UML should tread the path of Maoist as the three parties have a common ideological structure. The underlying meaning of secularism, republic and federal state is ecommunizing. In the context of Nepal, Republic, Secularism and Federalism = way of People’s Republic.

Yes, Republican democracy can be institutionalized in other nations. However, Nepal is different to that of other nations. If Nepal remains a republic, as it lies between two boulders-China and India-it will not remain secure. In the absence of the royal institution Nepal could as well break into pieces. If Nepal continues to exist, it will not be democracy that would be established through communism.

China will come forward for communism in Nepal. It is so because it is China’s compulsion. If China does not communizes Nepal the foreigners will be subjected to the danger of foreign conspiracy of eternity. If there is no communism in Nepal, China could break up under Indian and American conspiracy. China under threat from imperialist forces will not remain silent. So, for China’s security it will be its foremost agenda to establish a People’s Republic in Nepal. Yes, econtinuity of royal institution is the only way for reforming the system of democracy by saving Nepal’s existence and freeing it of communist’s pressure and China’s intervention.

Yes, royal institution is an ancient organization. However, in Nepal royal institution is taken as the base pillar that can maintain peace and security and save democracy. It is the only organization that will move this nation ahead by maintaining a balanced relationship with China and India. China agrees to this concept as well and it will support the re-establishment of the royal institution.

China has viewed the royal institution as a source of security from the era of the great leader Mao Ze Dong. After Nepal transforms to People’s Republic (one party communist) it will be easier to establish communism in India too. A huge struggle for communism will ensue in India where there are 80 percent poverty stricken people and emasculated ones. Then, communism will be established in India with guns.

If People’s Republic were to be established in Nepal and India, Britain, America and other contractors of democracy would not be able to conspire and stop communism through bombardment. So America, Britain and other democratic nations also must understand that the only royal institution of the only Hindu Kingdom is a symbol of world peace that establishes the identity of Nepal.

Nepali Congress bore relevance in Nepal’s democratic history. In 2005 the party jilted its fundamental views and betrayed the aspirations of hundreds of democrats like BP Koirala, Ganeshman Singh and Krishna Prasad Bhattarai by going on to tread the path of republic, secularism and federalism. Now the party is entrapped in the cage of the communists. During the general convention NC leader Krishna Prasad Bhattarai had termed the party as eThe fake republican Congress’. Likewise, the UML party does not have an ideology. The leaders of the party after 22 November 2005 opted for a path devoid of ideology. This has plunged the future of all others into darkness. The Indian concern and Indian leftist leaders and diplomats mistakes has not only made a great impact on Nepal’s nationality but to India as well.

In Nepal after 2006, the constitution has stopped working. And neither the law nor decisions is working. On 22 November, 2005, the 12-point agreement was reached under the direction of Indian intelligence wing. Since that day, Nepal’s nationality and democracy have been endangered. The agendas of secularism, republic and federalism embedded in the 12-point understanding are not the agendas of political parties but of CIA, RAW, European nations and Christian missions.

It must be noted that India, United Nations and UNMIN have played decisive role in Nepal’s retrogression. Through them NC, UML and Maoist became strong with necessary sources and materials. America and UNMIN have one goal, that to attack China in name of Free-Tibet by using Nepal as the base-land. China is well aware of this fact. So let’s be clear, whether the royal institution with democracy or People’s Republic should Nepal choose as a path. The fact to be noted is that through unholy alliance with UNMIN the national army was confined to its barrack.

Maoist army with weapons was handed over to the responsibility of Maoist party. This ambushed the nation. How can we achieve peace with two armies existing in the nation? No one should forget that the Maoist army was kept on standby with weapons for the security of Girija Prasad and Madhav Nepal. The traitors as such whom are behind ambushing the nation for their self interest have gone unpunished by the state resulting in this insurmountable plight.

If this pious land fears anything today it fears the devils that were born of the laps of Nepal mother. Such culprits ought to be taken under control by the state and brought to justice. The parties have failed to draft the new constitution in the stipulated timeframe. They have declined from accepting the constitution that has been in use for long time. What kind of politics is this called?

These traitors have robbed billions of money of the state and pushed the nation into the ranks of poor nations. What achievements could they reach by electing incapable Sushil Koirala to the post of president and chaotic Prakashman Singh to the post of general secretary in NC 12th general convention? Why should not Nepali Congress merge with Maoist if they are to tread the path chosen by Girija Prasad? The NC-UML leaders had broken the agreement reached with the then king on 24 April 2006 and went on to declare interim constitution, interim parliament and head of state. Until action is taken against them Nepal will not be able to adopt a peaceful democratic path.

Knowingly or unknowingly the nation has fallen into an ambush due to individual greediness of all.

So in this sense, the conclusion could be that all sectors can opt for creative democratic path. It is our option to choose individual freedom in democratic system. Nepal will not prosper under communist system. If NC, UML and Maoist and other sides want a ‘Sovereign-Nepal’ then they should embrace 1990 Constitution and form an inclusive cabinet in the presence of King. We can reach a solution in this manner. There are no other alternatives.