Maoist Nepalese PM Bhattarai Degrades Nepal’s Nationality

The creator of this nation, Prithvinarayan Shah, was also the pioneer of Nepal’s nationality. Having no respect to the great king anybody cannot be a patriot. But the PM and Maoist leader Baburam Bhattarai has maintained negative attitude towards nationality and the national Day of the creator Prithvinarayan Shah. On 12 August, Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai published a controversial article in Kantipur daily, ‘Nationality is not a begging bowl for anyone’. He has shown his impudence towards Nepal’s nationality. He is also intent on misconducts to appease foreign powers. It is unbearable crime that he in capacity of Nepal’s PM writes an article that degrades Nepal’s nationality.

All Nepalese know- without any foreign support Prithvinarayan Shah had fought against the British Empire that had already established its cult in Asia. It is a fact that he created this nation alone; and to disregard this historic fact is a heinous crime against nationality. The great memorial King Prithvinarayan Shah is immortal in the history.

Likewise the nonsense anti-nationalist Baburam had published a fallacious article in Kantipur on 4 February 2010 saying- ‘Prithvinarayan Shah started feudal regime. The regime started by Prithvinarayan Shah was based on class and ethnic oppression.’ How disgraceful is that a Nepalese person born and brought up in Gorkha ought to have been ashamed of writing such wrong things? In reality contract technocrats do not have a deep knowledge in regards nationality. To understand the definition of nationality Baburam Bhattarai must ask Tibetan refugees living in exile in India, meet people of Sikkim that bore the pain of a raped nationality, and the crying Bhutanese refugees in refugee camps.

It is to be noted that Prithvinarayan Shah is an actor who took blessings from a Magar girl before embarking on the daunting task of creating the great Nepal. After capturing Kathmandu Valley he received Tika (religious red vermillion) from Kumari – daughter of Shakya (newar) (living Goddess) and envisaged a great Nepal- ‘a garden of four caste and 36 classes.’ He welded the cultures, languages and religion of so many castes and creeds into one single Nepali culture; and he did the same with multiple castes and communities to turn them into a single Nepalese caste.

With the support of Magar, Gurung, Sherpa, Bhramin, Chetri, Kami, Damai, Sarki and Muslim people Prithvinarayan Shah extended the boundaries of Nepal to Tista in the East, Kangada in the West, and Ganga to the South.

The great King preserved the dignity and promoted the sentiment entailed in the unity in diversity to create a prosperous Nepalese nationality. It is not fair for anyone to call this a begging bowl. The King declared- ‘Tenant’s right over land’ this slogan of Prithvinarayan Shah had won the trusts of the people in the kingdom. As Nepalese language had become extensive in use as the language of communication among people of varying linguistic backgrounds it was proclaimed as the common language of all Nepalese people, and the official language of the state. Instead of Gorkha kingdom the newly formed land was proclaimed as Kingdom of Nepal.

To disregard such greatness and facts without even studying it, Baburam’s attempt to attack nationality is nothing but a choice of path of national disintegration. It is our appeal to Baburam to peruse the glorifying messages-‘Dibya Darshan’ of Prithvinarayan Shah.

Baburam Bhattarai thinks that night has fallen by closing his eyes in broad daylight. To turn Nepal into a Christian state by destroying the existence of Hinduism and Buddhism; to supersede the national attire with a foreign one; to break the unified state into ethnic federal states to disintegrate Nepal under foreign support cannot be nationality.

The foreign-manufactured thoughts of Baburam Bhattarai have no space in Nepalese nationality. He should understand- Nepalese people who are living in mountainous region, hills, valleys and Terai plain never support to disintegrate the nation. Were they ethnic states before the unification campaign launched by Prithvinarayan Shah? There were Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur under Malla kings, Gorkha, Baisi and Chaubisi states, Senbanshi state among other princely states. Were they Newar, Gurung, Magar, Limbu, Rai, Tharu, Rajbanshi, Tamang, Sherpa states? Every state consisted of diverse castes.

Foreigners turn nonsensical individuals into their brokers. Indian intelligence agency ‘RAW’ used Baburam Bhattarai and Krishna Sitaula like nonsensical persons to make them tigers so as to turn Nepal’s future into darkness. The leaders in Nepali Congress and UML came under the spell of these two leaders and fell into Indian sewer. Although Baburam and Krishna Sitaula come from two different political parties but their political house is – Indian intelligence agency ‘RAW’.

How come nonsensical technocrats like Baburam Bhattarai become a premier without knowledge in politics at the least? Can it mean that if a person has a Ph D degree that person can become intellectual? Such Ph D holders- save some intellectuals who cogitate on Nepal’s nationality – are many who gulp down foreign money to sell Nepal.

The anti-Nepal infamous S.D Muni is rumored to have used this Ph D to give rise to a Maoist party from India. Their major objective is to demolish Nepal’s existence and target China through Free Tibet movement. Since 2001 Baburam Bhattarai and Prachanda relied on the support of European nations, and by wearing the cloak of a Maoist party they started to lobby for republic and secularism to turn Nepal into a Christian state. The European nations fueled the indigenous political leaders with money to raise a clamor for the right of indigenous nationalities to establish ethnicity-based parties to push for ethnic federalism.

Until 1998/99 I used to think of Baburam Bhattarai as a patriotic person. But he turned out to be more dangerous than Lendup of Sikkim. He turned out to be a dangerous monster- who murdered thousands of Nepalese in name of so-called people’s war; demolished billions worth of national infrastructures; slaughtered cows; vandalized temples; wiped out the vermillion on a Hindu woman’s forehead and her marital symbol Pote (a necklace worn by married Hindu woman). He ordered the killing of independent journalists; funeral rites-sons (Kriyaputri), vandalized Prithvinarayan Shah’s statues; annulled the provision of celebrating national unity day after coming to power; abolished the national attire; took decisions to vandalized late king Tribhuvan’s statue, and replace the B.S era with A.D; clung on to state power unconstitutionally after the dissolution of Constituent Assembly (CA); took decisions to hand over the security of Tribhuvan International Airport to private Indian company; passed extradition act under Indian guidance, and reached a BIPPA treaty with India. Such treacherous acts of Baburam Bhattarai have proved him to be a foreign contractor.

In 2002 Baburam and Prachanda actively launched the people’s war relying on some combatants trained in India. That these two Maoists leaders have been established as dangerous contractors cannot be hidden anymore.

In 2001 they presented the then Indian premier with a letter expressing their willingness to submit to Indian authority. Now they are working as the right hand of Indian intelligence to trap Nepal that is moving through a period of crisis. They are still trying to present themselves as hypocrites to Nepalese people. Some 15/20 leaders in Nepali Congress, UML and the Maoists’ party are responsible for the current dangerous mode in which Nepal finds itself. Such culprits are punishable.

Within a month after revelation that Prachanda and Baburam had submitted a letter to the then Indian Prime Minister pledging that the Maoists would not work against Indian interests and work in line with Indian interest, Indian intelligence RAW’s former chief proved that Prachanda was working for Indian. In an article RAW’s former chief P.K Harmish has published in Indian Express saying that Prachanda for standing against anti-Indian factions even if it had cost the division of Maoists’ party. He made it clear that Prachanda stood by Baburam during critical phase against anti-Indian elements.

Harmish even suggested that India must re-evaluate Prachanda. So the Maoist leaders cannot be purged of the stain of treason. With the dissolution of the CA the interim constitution is also dead. The nation today lingers without a constitution. Ram Baran Yadav still clings to his seat although he has lost legal status. The Prime Minister’s legal status is also lost. In such a scenario if Baburam wants to rid himself of the stains he has only one option- to submit the government to King Gyanendra to take leadership with the 1990 constitution.

D.R. Prasai
Dirgha Raj Prasai is a former Member of Parliament in Nepal, a political analyst who writes from Kathmandu.