Kosovo United with Albania or America, NO Territorial Partition With Serbia

The people of Kosovo want Kosovo united with Albania or America, but not a territorial partition with Serbia. Otherwise, every changing of the Kosova borders would lead to war if Kosova was pushed again under Serbia’s colonial sovereignty (1912-1999).

It is expected in the long term, that for Kosova it is going to be hard “surviving” as an alone independent and sovereign state in Balkans. It is not united with its motherland Albania nor with its savior and liberator America. That is because “by night” would be disappeared from ex-colonial and genocidal Serbia supported by Russia.

Russia has built a huge Security – military Base in the city Nis in Southern Serbia. This Serbian-Russian permanent peril toward Kosova should take into account seriously not only Prishtina and Tirana, but also Washington, Berlin and London. They are the main political, diplomatic and military allies that liberated and made independent the sovereign state of Kosova (February 17, 2008).

Albania lost its historic chance of being ready and willing to liberate and to make independent Albanian Kosova from ex-colonial and genocidal Serbia (1912-1999). Kosova was liberated by the United States of America, headed by its historic President Bill Clinton in 1999. Hence, the United States of America has free hands and full rights to decide and make political decisions about Kosova because it saved Kosova from Serbia’s terrorism, massacres and genocide (1999).

To save the independent state of Kosova from Serbia and Russia, we could have a political resolution to be united with Albania as a native nation. Could we even be united with America as a federal unit, just like its 50 other existing states? Of course, this option would need to be accepted by America.

Meanwhile, sharing, exchanging or correcting the borders of Kosova with Serbia would be a big loss for the vital interests of Kosova. It would also be a big loss for Albania and America as well as its Western European Allies because Kosova would be ended again under ex-colonial Serbia. That would bring Kosova within the geopolitical and geostrategic interests of Russia’s traditional historical Slavic sphere in the Balkans, i.e. in Eastern and Southern Europe.

As mentioned above, in addition to the unification of Kosovo with Albania, or America, any other political option or compromise with Serbia, would be no guarantee to the further existence of Kosovo as an independent and sovereign nation. It would produce only permanent crisis and unpredictable conflicts with Serbia supported by Russia until the definitive demolition of Kosovo’s state.

Hereupon, to avoid such a potential permanent danger from ex-colonial and genocidal Serbia supported by Russia, Kosova’s government and parliament ought to be in agreement to organize a REFERENDUM. The people could freely and democratically declare by their vote if they want be united with Albania, or with America.

There is no dilemma, if Albanian people are going to vote one of the two proposed options to be joined with Albania or America. Serbia’s territorial pretentious, genocide, aggression, re-conquest, re-colonization, and interference in Alabanian Kosova domestic affairs would be eliminated forever.

So, instead of continuing the failed Brussels Dialogue (2011-2019), the REFERENDUM should be organized. Then, depending on the outcome of referendum, let’s decide whether they want or do not want dialogue with Serbia.

That would be justice and democracy, not the changing of Kosova’s borders with Serbia without consent. The 2 million Albanians in Kosova would make a declaration by their own free vote through the REFERENDUM or PLEBISCITE organized by Kosova’s government and parliament.

Mehdi Hyseni is an Albanian Ph.D. in International Political Relations, residing in Boston.