Kosovo Should Listen to US President Donald Trump, Not Serbia’s Absurd Accusations

Everyone should keep in mind that only the United States of America has the legal right to speak about the internal and external affairs of Kosovo and legalizing the Kosovo Army from Kosovo Security Forces. Serbia, which committed the crime of genocide on Albanian people and Kosovo (1989-1999) does not.

If United States President Donald Trump considers at this moment that the Kosovo army should not be legalized, this must be seriously taken into account. Not only by the President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, the Government and the Parliament of Kosovo, but all political parties. That means opposition and non-opposition parties must agree with such a decision by the American President.

According to the Montevideo Convention on the Rights and Duties of States (1934), Article 8 : “No state has the right to intervene in the internal or external affairs of another.”

Well, morally and legally only the President of the United States, Donald Trump has exclusive right to oblige Kosovo President, Prime Minister and Speaker of the Assembly to adopt or not adopt the “Draft Law on Legalization of the Kosovo Army,” which the chairman of the Assembly of Kosovo, Kadri Veseli was sent for approval to the Government of Kosovo (March 5, 2017). Nobody else!

Hereupon, no one country in the world has a right to be involved in the mentioned “Draft Law on legalization of the Kosovo Army,” other than the United States. It has the greatest historical, political, diplomatic, military and humanitarian merits because America liberated and made Kosovo an independent and sovereign state from Serbia’s colonial terrorism and genocide (1989-1999).

kosovo army.
Kosovo Army.

Trump Will Support to Set Up the Kosovo Army

When favorable political conditions are created for legalization of the Kosovo Nation Army, I am deeply convinced that the president will support it without hesitation because it would be in the strategic interests of the Unites States in the Balkans.

I consider that now is the most favorable political moment that the KSF be transformed into the Kosovo Army. That is because recently Serbia, Russia and China are weaving dangerous plans to invade Kosovo to create a crisis even more in the troubled Balkans. Precisely, this Serbian-Russian-Chinese alliance aims to destabilize peace and security in the Balkans as well as to confront the political and military strategic interests of America and NATO.

Serbia is violating international law and the UN Charter interfering in the internal and external affairs of Kosovo!

Intensively interfering in the internal and external affairs of Kosovo, Serbia flagrantly and in an illegal manner violated the Convention Montevideo Rights and Duties of States (entered into force in December 1934), which states: “No state has the right to interfere in matters of internal or external to a other state (Article 8). “

As above, both the Kosovo state authorities and the international factors (particularly the world greater powers that recognized the Republic of Kosovo) should take into account the sustainable fact that official Belgrade strongly opposed the legalization of the Kosovo Army due to these mainly reasons: 1) Since Kosovo gained independence (February 17, 2008) it was recognized by 114 countries of the United Nations, but Serbia still considers it a “territorial part,” based in its current Constitution (2006) and based on the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 (June 10, 1999), doesn’t recognize the independence of Kosovo, and 2) Serbia by not recognizing the Republic of Kosovo is hoping that with the help of Russia and China in the near future, it will return the Serbian army to Kosovo.

This strategic allegation policy and military diplomacy of Serbia against Kosovo army legalization reflects Serbia’s Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic statement. Dacic said, “that Serbia will use all political means to prevent Kosovo from forming a regular army because its unilateral moves will fuel instability in the region. For this serious reason the statements of Kosovo authorities for the formation of the so-called army of Kosovo constitute a new factor of destabilization in the region.” [Kuris.rs].

It should be clear to everyone that the creation of the Kosovo Army won’t threaten Serbia, the Serbian minority (7%) in Kosovo nor Balkan security, stability and peace.
It’s not fair for Serbia to put under hypothec the Kosovo Army before it is to be formed as such.

Instead of this bias absurd against the formation of the Kosovo Army, Ivica Dacic (Vice-Prime Minister) and Aleksandar Vucic (Prime Minister) of Serbia, should remember what kind of the military, paramilitary and police forces they have had during the time of the regime of Slobodan Milosevic, when those by the state terror and genocide invaded and burned Kosovo (1989-1999).

So as not to forget, according to official balance of the Kosovo government institutions, Serbian barbarous forces in Kosovo have killed : “- 11, 840 victims ; 1,392 children up to 18 years; 296 children up to 5 years; 1.739 women; 1,882 elderly people over the age of 65; 1,450 people are still missing, as well as 20,400 Albanian women have been raped.” [Koha.net];

These barbarous Serbian criminal acts against innocent Albanian people should warn all of us ( the United States, the European Union, EU, NATO, OSCE as well as the United Nations) because Serbia still is dangerous not only to Albanians and Kosovo, but to all neighbor countries. The formation of a new army of Kosovo has no reason to be aggressive and genocidal like the previous Serbian Army to kill and massacre innocent civilians ( 1989-1999).

In this context, Serbia’s leadership and their Serbian minority representatives within Kosovo Parliament and Government, should be silent because Donald Trump’s America has the key word to form or not the Kosovo Army, not Serbia.

Kosovo Has Legal Right to Have Its National Army

If Balkans (Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Greece) agree that should need not to have their national armies, then and Kosovo, too doesn’t need to have its national army.
Otherwise, Kosovo should not be any exception in this context such is the case with the non-recognition of the liberalization of the visa regime only for Kosovo! This is an unjustified irrationalism and a great shame for EU justice and democracy today.

If the United States, European Union and NATO don’t agree with Kosovo President Hashim Thaci’s sending the draft law to parliament asking approval to form a regular army, then does this mean their armies will defend Kosovo in case of attack by Serbia or Russia etc?

However, both America and its Euro-Western allies, should keep in mind the fact why Serbia by all means rejects the legalization of the Kosovo Army ( although Kosovo neither de jure nor de facto not belong to Serbia’s territory, but is independent and sovereign state recognized by 114 countries of the United Nations) because official Belgrade still considers that “Kosovo is Serbia” according to Serbia’s constitution (2006) and the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 (June 10, 1999).

In this case, the international community should not take into account Serbia’s anti-Albanian propaganda against the formation of the Kosovo Army because it does not present any danger to political , strategic or military interest, for the United States, NATO nor to the EU in the Balkans.

This has pointed out as well the Kosovo President Hashim Thaci considering that : “There is no turning back. The KSF (Kosovo Security Force) will be transformed into Kosovo’s army.Western Balkans is endangered from the Russian military bases in Serbia, from Russia’s MIG jets in Serbia and from the Russian military exercises in Serbia. Kosovo cannot coordinate with Serbia on its own affairs and that Belgrade cannot decide for Kosovo. NATO and our international partners should assist Kosovo during this transformation and never think of punishing it simply because Serbia is not convinced that Kosovo should found its own army.” [ABC News].

As above neither official Belgrade nor minority Serbs in the multiethnic Kosovo be clear that Kosovo Army is not being created to threaten or attack Serbia and its Serbian minority in Kosovo, but its mission will be the protection of all its citizens and territorial sovereignty of Kosovo.

This is the main legal and constitutional objection of the legalization of the Kosovo Army as the national armies of the other Balkan countries (Serbia, Albania, Greece, Croatia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Turkey) neither less nor more.

Well, being that Kosovo is an independent and sovereign state according to international law, it has the legal right to have its national army as neighboring countries in the Balkans.

In this sense, ex-colonial Serbia doesn’t have any legal right to interfere in the internal and external rights of the independent Republic of Kosovo. It is prohibited by all norms and principles of international law and the United Nations Charter.

What should not be repeated is the illegal interference of Serbia in Kosovo’s internal affairs. The United States, NATO, EU and the United Nations all together ought to discipline one, sanctioned by concrete legal acts. Otherwise Serbia will never stop intervening in the internal affairs of independent Kosovo.