Kosovo Assembly Not in Favor of Establishment of European Special Court

Kosovo Assembly not Against America, EU, NATO, but Against Serbia

Interfering and Mafia Politics! “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference …” (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948,Article 19).

There was voting of its members against the Kosovo government proposal about the European Special Court for war crimes in Kosovo (1998-1999) at the meeting of the Kosovo Assembly on June 26, 2015. The Assembly’s Regulation and Constitution of Republic of Kosovo, some of the mass-media and the New York Times too, have voted Friday not to approve constitutional amendments that would have allowed the establishment of a special court to prosecute war crimes, including the killing of hundreds of Serbian civilians.

“The outcome was a blow to relations between Kosovo and its main international supporters, the United States and the European Union. A two-thirds majority of the 120-seat legislature, or 80 votes, was required to approve the amendments. Only 75 lawmakers voted in favor.”

Apart from this political assessment by The New York Times, the voting of the Kosovo Assembly members against the establishment of the European Special Court on Kosovo, in no way means that Kosovo Assembly is against vital interests of America and European Union in Kosovo. On the contrary, that voting should be an understanding as a legal and constitutional reaction against interfering and dictate of Serbia into the internal affairs of Kosovo Republic.

This is the main reason why they have not passed the approval of the establishment of the Special Court on Kosovo, not any plot or aversion against America, EU and NATO by the Kosovo Assembly members. This political speculation we cannot account as a truth, but only as an arbitrary diplomatic simulation.

First of all, we should be honest and say the truth that neither America nor the European Union (EU) invented the European Special Court for War Crimes in Kosovo, but this political product was created in order to punish the fair national liberation and anti-colonial war of the Kosovo Liberation Army (1998/1999).

All members of the Kosovo Assembly who didn’t vote Serbia’s Resolution to establish the European Special Court against war crimes in Kosovo (1998/99) were dealt in conformity with Kosovo Constitution to protect main democratic values and vital state interests of Kosovo from Serbia.

Kosovo Government is obliged to give consent, not the Parliament or the Constitution! Given that the Kosovo government headed by Hashim Thaci and with Isa Mustafa has taken over the establishment of the European Special Court in Kosovo, in this particular case it does not have to be involved in the Kosovo Assembly to change the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo because it is about the adoption of a political decision by the government of Kosovo. That’s all.

Therefore, there is no reason that such a political decision of the government, to become a law, nor affected the Kosovo Constitution, because it is a political compromise reached between representatives of the Serbian government and their counterparts from Kosovo, in accordance with international partners. Already, this is actually conducted, because Kosovo government itself agreed with such(versus KLA) a proposal devised and proposed by the relevant official circles in Belgrade. This is political fatality, the Kosovo government blind-man’s-buff, without any objection received to form the Special Court forwar crimes sentence in Kosovo.

Our allies should not be worry by no means from contravote of the Kosovo Assembly members directed to the establishment of the European Special Court in Kosovo because their legal, constitutional, sovereign and democratic vote against respective Special Court is not against America, EU, NATO and Kosovo’s independence, but only against the illegal interfering of Serbia in internal affairs of Kosovo (1999-2015).

No more any kind of the political concessions to Serbia who tries “peacefully” to return in Kosovo as colonial and neo-colonial owner like before (1912-1999). What Serbia wants more from Independent Kosovo?! Belgrade wants re-colonization of Kosovo. Hence, open the eyes, don’t let Serbia to interfere in any political matter of independent and sovereign Kosovo!

For this political absurdity, the most responsible and guilty are Kosovo’s charlatan politicians who did over mach concessions in favor of the ex-colonial Greater Serbia(1999-2015). This is unacceptable and a great political paradox.

Mehdi Hyseni Ph.D.
Mehdi Hyseni is an Albanian Ph.D. in International Political Relations, residing in Boston.