Kosovo and Albania Joining EU and NATO, Not Vucic’s “Yugoslavia”

Let Aleksander Vucic from the old communist Tito’s Yugoslavia enjoy dictators Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko and others. But neither Albanian Kosovo nor Albania will ever accept to join Tito’s former communist Yugoslavia (1945-1980) or Aleksandar Vucic’s colonial and neocolonial Serbia.

“The afterthought idea is good for naught.” In politics that means “tomorrow is always late.” Tito’s Yugoslavia is no more because Slobodan Milosevic by his fascist politics, propaganda, policy, military and paramilitary instruments killed Tito’s Yugoslavia with intention to re-expand Greater Serbia.

But the new elected president of Serbia (April 1, 2017), Aleksandar Vucic wants to restore Tito’s Yugoslavia because, now, after 27 years he has convinced himself that in Tito’s Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia, indeed there was Greater Serbia.
However, Tito’s Yugoslavia is over, it can not be raised by Aleksandar Vucic nor by the whole of Serbia because these were the main factors who burnt one, and killed hundreds and thousands of innocent civilian people in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo (1990-1999).

This is a stupid desire and political blind proposal from Serbia’s new president, Aleksandar Vucic. Vucic expressed this desire in his interview with author Matthew Karnitschnig for “Politico” of April 4, 2017. He alleged that “Tito did it. He was a communist dictator, but a very smart guy. A locksmith, can you imagine? But he was very smart. He knew how to connect the people … That’s what we need. We need to connect people.” [Politico EU].

Yes, Tito was like that, as Serbian president Vuciq described him above: “He was a communist dictator, so smart and a locksmith,” but he didn’t commit three (3) genocides like Aleksandar Vucic’s Serbia did against Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo (1990-1999).

There’s no doubt that Vucic’s idea to re-establish Tito’s Yugoslavia (1943-1980) adding the Republic of Albania which doesn’t have anything common with Tito’s Yugoslavia or with the current Serbia is very strange. It is also absurd, unacceptable, wrong as well as moreover unjust, inhuman and undemocratic. Especially when all of us in the Balkans and Europe know very well that in 1990’s Serbia thanks to Serbian fascist chetnic leadership such were: Slobodan Milosevic (former president of Serbia, 1989-2000. See in detail in wikipedia), Vojislav Seselj (former “founder and president of the extremist Serbian Radical Party-SRS and Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia from 1998-2000.” See more in detail in wikipedia),Tomislav Nikolic (former president of Serbia from 2012 to April 2017. See in detail in wikipedia) and Aleksandar Vucic (former Prime Minister of Serbia from 2014 to April 2017. See more at wikipedia).

“Tito was smart,” but he mostly had privileged Serbia and its cadres like Vucic!

Therefore, the question is:- Being that Tito “was a smart guy” (for the Serbian president Vucic) in whole pro-Serbian guy and the greatest supporter of Serbia interests within Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (1945-1980), so, what was the reason that the current president of Serbia Aleksanadar Vucic together with his political, party, ideological and spirtiual “father” Vojsilav Sesel, Tomisav Nikolic and Slobodan Milosevic have “killed” Tito’s Yugoslavia in the 1990’s?

According to Vucic’s propagandistic description : “Tito was a communist dictator, but a very smart guy. A locksmith, can you imagine? But he was very smart. He knew how to connect the people … That’s what we need. We need to connect people.” (Politico.eu).

  • Yes, Tito was like that, but his “locksmith profession” didn’t stop him becoming one of the greatest and most famous statesmen, diplomats and politicians in course of the period, after the ending of the Second World War (1945-1980). This paradigm is identical with the United States distinguished stateman John Adams Jr. who was a farmer, lawyer, diplomat, first Vice-president and the second the President of the United States.
    In any case can not be raised the cynical, ironic and strange Vucic’s political syntagm question about Tito: “Can you imagine he was a locksmith?”
  • Yes, yes he was smart, but Vucic, Milosevic, Nikolic, Sesel, Vucic, Dacic … and so on were so stupid, infantile and ignorant in politics because instead of protecting Tito’s Yugoslavia which actually was a Greater Serbia, they burnt it and killed thousands of innocent people in Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo (1990-1999) based on the Memorandum of the Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences (SANU), approved in 1986. ( See in: GMU).
  • Again, the inevitable question is: why during the years (1990-1995) Aleksandar Vucic together with their fascist political and military “company” headed by Slobodan Milosevic, Vojislav Seselj, Aleksandar Vucic, Ivica Dacic and Zeljko Raznjatovic … , and so on, had destroyed Tito’s “great Yugoslavia,” which, indeed, theoretically and practically there was Greater Serbia (1945-1990)?
  • Yes, SFRY President Tito was a smart and visionary, but only for himself and Serbia, not for his Croatian people and Croatia which in 1971 had asked their equal national and self-governing freedoms and rights to be equal like the Republic of Serbia, but Tito, even if was Croatian, he had crushed one as a false pretext launched by the top Serbian communist political, security and military leadership that allegedly “Croatian Protest Spring” had intended to secede Croatia from Tito’s Yugoslavia. ( See more at wikipedia).

The Yugoslav president Tito was the best for Serbia and Serbs, but not for Croatians and especially not for Albanians in Kosovo because he denied them the right of self-determination (1945-1990).

Tito’s fatal political mistakes against Albanians in Kosovo (1945-1980)

In this regard, Tito’s Yugoslavia i.e. Greater Serbia made the fatal disapproved political mistakes against Albanians of Kosovo because after the end of the National Liberation War (1945) he didn’t recognize the right to self-determination only the Albanians in Kosovo even if they had fought together with the other peoples of Yugoslavia against German and Italian fascist occupation (1940-1945).

It should be noted the historical facts, according to the “Resolution of Bujan(December 1943 – January 1944, Kosovo Albanian sympathies were divided at the time of the Axis invasion of Yugoslavia in 1941. Although there was no particular enthusiasm for the new German and Italian administration, most Kosovo Albanians found it preferable to Serb rule. Fascist rule and the reunification with Albania were, however, short-lived. By the end of November 1944, all of Kosovo had fallen into the hands of the victorious Yugoslav partisans, and had been returned to Serb administration. Tito’s communists originally promised to let the people of Kosovo decide democratically whether they wished to be part of Albania or of Yugoslavia. This was reflected at the Conference of Bujan on 31 December 1943 – 1-2 January 1944 which passed the following Resolution, one of great significance at the time for the Kosovo Albanian population. Tito, however, soon reneged on the idea, realizing that the so-called “Marxist solution” to the Kosovo question would never be accepted by Serbia. Kosovo was thus incorporated into socialist Yugoslavia against its will, under the law of 3 September 1945 and returned to another half a century of Serb rule.” (See in detail: http://www.albanianhistory.net/1944_Resolution-of-Bujan/index.html).

Prisednt Josip Broz Tito , instead to meet his promise given to Albanian partisans that allegedly, after the ending of the National Liberation War (1945) he would recognize them the right to self-determination as he did it to Serbs, Croats, Slovenians, Montenegrins, Macedonians, given that Kosovo had 75% of the Albanian population who fulfilled the national principle to establish their Republic of Kosovo like the other six republics of the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro), but the SFRY President Tito betrayed and lied Albanians, by failing to recognize them the right to self-determination.

So, instead Tito to fulfill his promise to recognize Albanians their freedom and national rights under Resolution of Bujan (December 1943-January 1944) exactly their right to self-determination, he was listening to Serbian Chetniks liars and fascists in course of the 40 years (1945-1980) where he has systematically discriminated and oppressed them not to form their own republic as Serbs, Croats, Slovens, Macedonians,Montenengrins and Bosnians within Yugoslave Federation(1945-1990).

In October of the 1968, Tito has had the last historical and political chance to keep Kosovo under the Socialist Federativ Republic of Yugoslavia (as the other 6 republics), when some top members of the Kosovo Assembly leadership delegation went to Belgrade to meet with Yugoslav President Josip Broz Tito, where they discussed the request for recognition of the Republic of Kosovo. But Tito didn’t take it into account, responding negatively, allegedly that ” the Republic doesn’t resolve all problems.”

This is main reason why Kosovo today (from February 17, 2008) becomes an independent and sovereign state thank to the comprehensive support of the United States ( March 1999- 2017), after breaking of the Tito’s Yugoslavia (1990) as consequence of the three (3) war genocides committed by Slobodan Milosevic’s Serbia (1990-1999).

Also, in 1991, after the death of Tito’s Yugoslavia, Serbia’s president Slobodan Milosevic had the last chance to keep Kosovo under so-called Yugoslavia (Serbia+Montenegro etc.) but only as the independent and sovereign republic like Serbia and Montenegro within a federation or confederation system. However, Serbia’s president Slobodan Milosevic as a previous Yugoslav president Tito has refused that political opotion that Kosovo become independend and sovereign state such were Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This is only too true, viewing in the general sense of the international politics, because Tito’s politics and diplomacy there were ” moderator” between East (socialist-communist camp, headed by the USSR as a world superpower) and Western (capitalist camp, leaded by the US as a global superpower). However, in the narrow sense of the interior national politics, Tito was stupid and shortsightedness politician leader of Yugoslavia (1945-1980) because de facto and de jure he had mostly favored the Republic of Serbia which was developed and strengthened economically, militarily and its overall welfare sense in comparison with other republics of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Croatia, Slovenia) and two autonomous provinces (Kosovo and Vojvodina).

This was a cardinal Tito’s political error because almost 90 per cent of the leading political cadres were Serbs not Croats, Albanians and Hungarians, who in the paper, according to the SFRY Constitution (1974) there had the same rights like Serbs.

This way, Tito had denied national rights and freedoms of the other nationalities in his “socialist” Yugoslavia (1943-1980) because they had been unequal to Serbs majority.

This was discrimination and the greatest injustice that president Tito did toward Albanians, Croats, Slovenes and Hungarians, because for 40 years Serbia with its cadres was leaded Yugoslavia, not all 6 republics and two autonomous provinces (Kosovo and Vojvodina).
After Tito’s death (May 4, 1980) political, economical and living standard has been changed, as a cause and consequence of the recurrence of the Greater Serbian nationalism, fascism and chauvinism toward the other non-Serbian citizens in Tito’s SFRY, because they were aimed the expanding of the boundaries of Greater Serbia’s territory to the detriment of the territory of Croatia and Kosovo.

It’s wrong, unjust and uncivilized politics Serbia has proven by hers three genocidal wars committed against Croatia, Bosnia and Kosovo (1990-1999).

Within all of this process of the changing political circumstances in Tito’s FRY (1990-1999) were involved hardliners Serbian extremists: Slobodan Miloseviq, Vojislav Seselj, Tomislav Nikolic, Aleksandar Vucic, Ivica Dacic, Zelko Raznjatovic-Arkan … etc. This truth already known the whole Europe, America and the entire international community, that they were the main causes who impact and contributed in destroying of the Tito’s Yugoslavia (1945-1990), not Croatia, not Muslims of Bosnia, not Albanians of Kosovo.

Vucic’s political and propagandistic mendacity in order to deceite again Albanians and Albania with Tito’s Socialist-Communist Yugoslavia!

This Vucic’s old idea for the revival of Tito’s communist Yugoslavia is only Serbia’s ” a cold fart” nothing more because no one (especially Croationans and Albanians) will take it as serious, so long as, already for the 27 years has sunset the Russian-Yugoslave communist dictatura in the Balkans (1990-2017). Now, instead Tito’s socialist Yugoslavia there are established several democratic independent and sovereign states: Kosovo, Croatia, Slovenia,Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina which will never accept to go back into the Greater Serbia-Tito’s Socialist Communist Yugoslavia (1945-1980).

The pro-serb dictator Josip Broz Tito together with Serbian chetniks and fascists so-called communists have denied the freedom and sovereignty of Kosovo (1945-1999)!

Therefore the stupidity idea of the Serbia’s actual president Aleksaandar Vucic to reestablish Tito’s SFRY is only “a cold fart” for Albanians of Kosovo and Albania which will never accept it because they are not interested to make and to join in such Titos-Vucic’s “Yugoslavia,” but to be integrated as soon as possible into the Euroepan Union (EU) that is real and comprehensive benefit for the future i.e. perspective for all Albanians and Albania in the Balkans, not Aleksandar Vucic’s Tito’s Yugoslavia (Greater Serbia), never ever!

There is no dilemma that Tito was a wise politician, great soldier and diplomat, based in Machiavelli’s “fox and wolf” political doctrine, but his tragedy was that in the name of communism and the false equality allegedly for all Juvgoslav peoples, he has favored only Serbia and Serbs which after his death, in the sign of the gratitude “rewarded” him with killing his Yugoslavia, 1990.

This was historical and political fatality of the communist dictator Josip Broz Tito (1945-1980) who has favored the Republic of Serbia, and Kosovo Albanians had discriminated, imprisoned, impoverished, unemployed, undeveloped like then have been African countries Catanga and Biafra in 1960’s of the twentieth century, although Albanian Kosovo was richest province than all of the other republics and autonomous province of Vojvodina that were within Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia.

And, quite at the end, repeating the same and inevitable question:

Well, who would be that idiot and lunatic that after three Serbian Genocide (1990-1999), to “kiss” again Serbian genocidal Sajkaca under Tito’ communist Yugoslavia?!

  • Hey, my “buddy” ask yourself, ask your “father” Vojislav Seselj, how you so quickly have forgotten three (3) Serbia’s genocide against the Croatian, Bosnia and Kosovo, and now you have such a moral and political face to standing up (as a proud Serb) for renewal Tito’s Yugoslavia + Albania. This is more than blindness, disgrace and political madness !?
  • Remember the “proud Serb,” there is no more Kosovo or Albania to “export” for such Tito’s communist Yugoslavia or Slobodan Miloshevic’s genocidal Serbia (1990-1999).
  • Thank you for that stupid idea, which you can sell it where you could, but not in independent and sovereign Kosovo, nor in Albania, simply for the fact that no more Tito’s FRY, because it is died by Slobodan Milosevic’s fascism and genocide For The Greater Serbia (1990)!