Hinduism is The Foundation of Civilization

Among all religions of the world, the Hindu religion is considered an ancient religion recognized as the foundation of civilization and as the most liberal democratic way of life. Hinduism & Buddhism are the identities & cultural assets of Nepal. The Lord Pashupatinath, Shoyambhunath, Lumbini, Barahachetra, Gosaikunda, Muktinath, Ridi, Janakidham, Devghat of Nepal, Kailash Mansharobar of Tibet (well accessed for Nepalese and Hindus), and Tirupati, Rameshroram, Jagannath, Badrinath, Amarnath of India are the symbolic shrines of Hinduism & Buddhism.

The people of Nepal and India always have cordial relations due to the cultural and religious resemblance. They should know that if instability persists in Nepal, it could be a bastion of terrorism posing a threat to the whole world.

When present India (Hindustan) was not in existence, there were more than 25 nations, 250 years ago, the great King Prithvi Narayan Shah expressed – “Nepal is true Hindustan”.

Nepalese all around the world and Nepal’s well-wishers are anxious about the conspiracy designed by some deviant party leaders against the Monarchy and Hinduism. Nepal will not become a heaven on earth just because the monarchy is actually abolished and the republican system ushered in.

Nepal has already received so much respect and identity for being a Hindu kingdom. The essences of Nepalese nationalism are – Hinduism, constitutional monarchy and Nepali language. If these basic foundations are violated, national unity and sustainable peace cannot be achieved. The conflict between the political parties and the king came up because of the mistakes and blunders of the Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML and the authoritarian thinking of the Maoists.

But, where would they stand abolishing Nepal and its identity. The nation and its people will win only if all the political leadership realizes this fact. Hindus by nature are peaceful, law abiding and secular people. However, it is a matter of great regret that Hindus are not being treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.

Several well wishers of Nepal also agree with the idea of conserving the Royal institution in Nepal. For example, veteran leader of B.J.P. Lalkrishna Advani says: ‘The framework for constitutional monarchy in Nepal should be consolidated because monarchy is the symbol of Nepal’s identity and sovereignty. Nepal should have an active and dynamic multi-party democracy’.

However at the political level, Indian government has been trying to create nuisance in Nepal’s effort to strengthen its nationalism and democracy. Indian leaders must understand that if Nepal, for any reason, is destroyed, India won’t get any peace. Forgetting Nepal’s background of Hinduism and Buddhism, a democratic country like India, should not work to create anarchy and establish terrorism in Nepal.

But why are the United Nations, America and other foreign powers, despite knowing the identity and value of Nepal, supporting the continuous ruin of this country? But we in Nepal are trying to dig a well though there already is water in our rivers.

Nepalese Maoists have tried to destroy the identity of Pashupatinath, Living Goddess Kumari, Bikram Sambat and its calendar and every norm of Hindus. When we lose our norms and values, our existence will also be finished. If the Hindu culture is eliminated from Nepal, it will be very easy to establish the Christian state in these zones. So, in this critical situation, if a solution is not sought with the presence and participation of the monarch, this country could see a bloodbath. If that happens, no one knows what the future of this country will be.

Since the constituent assembly election-2008, the leadership of the coalition government has become confused & despotic. Unconstitutional declaration of secularism will be the cause of terrorism. It is because the objective behind the declaration was to suppress the Hindus and its root from Nepal.

Hindu religion is the world’s most liberal and tolerant religion. Despite being a Hindu country, Nepal is the most liberal and tolerant non-secular country in the world. The philosophy of Hinduism is guided as – “to refrain from all evils, to do what is good and to purify the mind”.

High thinking & Simple living is the way of Hindus. In Sanskrit, Hindu means ‘Hi’= Sun, ‘Indu’= moon. The Nepalese national flag is also decorated by the Sun and Moon. The triangular flag with the Sun and Moon is based on the principles of Hinduism. The national flag of Nepal has its own identity and recognition in the world. The Nepalese flag is very inclusive and represents all the castes and tribes. The flag of Nepal is the symbol of unity in diversity.

The Maoists want to change the national flag. That is why; the intention of the Maoists is to abolish the identity of Nepalese nationality. To change the national flag is irrational. The Nepalese people believe, Nepal will remain eternal while the Sun and Moon exist. The western renowned philosopher Voltaire, George Bernard Shaw, German scholar Nitse, Megasthaniz and Fai-Han have written many books supporting Hindu philosophy, expressing the evolutionary process of the world’s civilization. Is Hindu philosophy an incomparably greater intellectual work than the Bible?

A Nepali Scholar Mr. Dinbandhu Aryal explains – ‘Hindus are inclusive. ‘H’ – stands for humanity, ‘I’ – stands for individual righteousness , ‘N’ -for nationalism, justice, economic freedom, ‘D’ – for divine virtue and ‘U’ – for universal peace and co-operation. The word Hindu is formed in the full sense.’

Further, he adds ‘Hinduism is the sum and substance of the traditional humane cordiality. The African leader Nelson Mandela was impressed from Vedas, legends and Upanishads. He wanted to be converted into a Hindu and for that purpose he wanted to perform penance or provide donation if necessary. He would be gratified and feel fortunate.’ This is amply proved that Hindus want to make all the people of the world civilized, cultured and prosperous. Nepal is a land of devotees of different religious faith and traditions, all cooperating and co-existing together towards attainment of humanity and protection of civilized society.

Analyst Stephen Knapp says – India is slowly losing the Vedic culture (Hinduism) through the process of secular or Christian education. In public schools all Vedic books have been removed from the curriculum. There are no possibilities to study the ancient Hindu literature or art in such institutions. The Hindu population is slowly forgetting the unique history and lofty culture of their homeland. (5th Feb. 2008 – Peoples Review)

In fact the Christian saints order to destroy the huts where they keep the idols of Hindu’s God & Goddess and to break the statues of Hindu idols into tiny pieces. That was their goal to destroy Hindu & Buddha culture and make the country a Christian nation. So, it is a high time Nepal also should be careful to save her indigenous culture.

Knapp Says – ‘A scholar V. S. Sardesai has written – ‘British invasion of India and to the address of Lord McCauley to the British Parliament on February 1835. He said that he has traveled across the length and breadth of India and has not come across a person who is a beggar, who is a thief; such wealth he has seen, such high moral values, people of such caliber that it would not be possible for them to conquer India unless they break its very backbone, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage. And in order to break what McCauley called the backbone of India, the British replaced the old and ancient educational system of India as proposed by McCauley by what is now known as Mc Cauley’s system of education and which is still being followed in India even after independence and which makes Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own and which also makes Indians lose their self esteem and their culture. In addition, they engaged one Mr. Max Muller, a German Sanskrit scholar and a devout Christian, to help missionaries in converting Hindus to Christianity by misinterpreting and distorting Vedas and other scriptures of Sanatana Dharma Traditions so that Hindus would lose respect for the Vedas and Vedic Traditions and move away from Sanatan Hindu Dharma and thus could easily be converted to Christianity’

Christians are very active in abolishing the Hindu identity.

The Secretary General of UNN, a Nepali Scholar, Ashutosh Shrivastav released a news story, called ‘Planned eradication of Hinduism’.

“It is because of few ignorant diplomats, India and Indians are perceived notorious in Nepalese society. As we all know, Nepal was the only Hindu Kingdom in the world. With the congress government in power, Nepal’s monarchy was abolished and the country was declared secular.”

“We summarily reject the forceful declaration of Nepal as a republic and secular country.”

Dr. Tilak Shrestha says – ‘Some Janajati people of Nepal have this erroneous idea that Hinduism is about Bahuns exploiting Janajatis. It is far from the truth. I have responded to such ideas in articles. However, let me point out an interesting fact here. All of us, Janajati or otherwise, have ancestral traditions and cultures, which we are proud of. Matter of fact such roots and traditions define us. Nobody in Hindu society condemns any of the customs or traditions. However, Christianty forces its converts to agree that all their non-christian ancestors have gone to hell, and to discard all their traditions as evil. Conversion is basically – here are a few goodies, now give up your traditions and values. It is nothing more than prostitution.

31 Aug 2009 Newsweek magazine, USA www.newsweek.com Lisa Miller writes – According to a 2008 survey, 76 percent of us continue to identify as Christian (still, that’s the lowest percentage in American history). Of course, we are not a Hindu – or Muslim, or Jewish, or Wiccan-nation, either. A million-plus Hindus live in the United States, a fraction of the billion who live on Earth. But recent poll data show that conceptually, at least, we are slowly becoming more like Hindus and less like traditional Christians in the ways we think about God, our selves, each other, and eternity. The Rig Veda, the most ancient Hindu scripture, says: “Truth is one, but the sages speak of it by many names.”

A Hindu believes there are many paths to God. Jesus is one way, the Qur’an is another, Yoga practice is a third. None is better than any other; all are equal. Thirty percent of Americans call themselves “spiritual, not religious,” according to a 2009 NEWSWEEK Poll, up from 24 percent in 2005. Stephen Prothero, religion professor at Boston University, has long framed the American propensity for “the divine-deli-cafeteria religion” as “very much in the spirit of Hinduism. And if going to Catholic mass plus the Yoga plus the Buddhist retreat works, that’s great, too.”

I reiterate the reality, in Maldives and Saudi Arabia, only Muslims can become citizens of that country. In Pakistan, a Hindu cannot vote for Muslim candidates. Out of the 199 countries around the world, more than 100 are non-secular countries and of them more than 100 are Muslim and Christian non-secular countries. Despite being aware of the fact it is intriguing that so-called big party leaders (Congress, UML and Maoist) declared Nepal a secular state without the mandate of the people. They directly hurt the feeling of the majority of the Hindus in the country and more than 1 billion Hindus all over the world.

So, Hinduism is the foundation of civilization. We are 85% Hindus and including Buddhists we are 95% in Nepal. In India, an estimated 930 million of its population are followers of Hinduism. The Hindu Philosophy preaches that all the people of the world are our friends. Fraternity & honesty always has been propounded by Hindus. However, the Racism and social discriminations are the great hindrances of Hindus. Of course it needs to be corrected. If we respect each other, our problems will be mitigated gradually. So, we request to all party leaders and every nationals not to minimize the reality of Hinduism and Buddhism, the basis of world civilization.