Do The Bible and Technology Share Incredible Relations?

There are billions of things that irritate us. Some people are irritated already because of the hyperbolic sentence that I used to kick off this feature (or whatever this is) or the fact that I used “kick off” as a frame of reference because they detest football with a passion. Human beings can’t help but be irritated at things. It’s a way of life. It’s often how we relate to society and nature.

How do you think technology grew? It grew out of irritation and get angry at everything. You only need to look at the wheel to realize some historic figure in the year.

In the bible, many people got irritated, especially God. People who use the dictionary got irritated. It sometimes takes centuries to find a similar word to what they had already used. So they invented the thesaurus.

Back to the bible, Adam was irritated because God made an awesome world but didn’t give him a woman. God finally made a woman and irritatingly, she wasn’t very strong willed and gave into the temptation of the Satan via the serpent. She ate the apple and offered Adam one, only to realize that apples tasted disgusting. He never did get that chunk of apple out, thus the Adam’s apple was born.

The ultimate irritating thing of course was that they were naked and Eve with a stroke of stolen genius, invented fashion. Adam was confused about how it worked. Irritating or what? A couple centuries later, Jesus was generally irritated by the state of sin everyone was living in and as the old saying goes if you want something done properly-do it yourself. Jesus gave His life to save many. The disciples found the sacrifice irritating because they had lost their best mate and teacher.

Suddenly His cryptic talk about being the bread of life made perfect sense literally. They finally believed that He was talking about spiritual food for the soul. Being a prophet too, He has foreseen knowledge and technology. Having said that the blue prints were taken from the Ten Commandments written on a tablet that was until Moses smashed them and the commandments. 2.0 took shape. Then Jesus came along and condensed the 10 commandments into two. Yes, Jesus was very good at math.

Many didn’t like the new design and the Jewish teachers of the law were not happy with the revolutionary breakthrough. Technology has followed that trend of condensing a big brilliant piece of technology and making it compact and user friendly. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the first mobile phones. They are useful but chunky. The new mobile phones are useful, user friendly and stylishly compact. People say religion and technology are constantly at logger heads but I beg to defer.

I can’t speak for other religions except Christianity. Depending on how well you’ve read the Bible and know your heavenly father, you’ll notice He invented the first form of internet connection a.k.a. prayer. Speed depends on the strength of your connection.

He came up with the original idea for Firefox (read the book of judges, Samson sets 300 foxes alight). He came up with the original idea for the iPad. (Read exodus, Moses gets handed two tablets, buy one get one free on contract aka covenant). Then of course there’s the hand writing on the wall (read Daniel), the first touch screen innovation and also inspired the hand shaped cursor. Then of course there is Jonah getting swallowed by the whale which is called the submarines. Still not seeing the connections?

Then of course there’s apple as a firm in general who stole the idea of a bitten apple in Eden which of course points to knowledge. I could go on but you get it, read the Bible it’s still current and just as needed as technology is in today’s society, especially when you read it from an app on my blackberry like I do. Then again there is always something to be irritated about, like buffering pages and initialising apps. But just like Abraham and Sarah, they waited and finally got the son promised to them. Sometimes we have to exercise a little patience and wait for things to happen. God bless and logging off.

Kingsley Olaleye Reuben
Kingsley Olaleye Reuben is an author who writes scripts, prose, poetry, and plays, journalistic stories and interviews, manages two blogs and is currently studying for a masters at Roehampton University, and working on his next book.You can contact Kingsley (also known as "The Bard") by email [email protected] or through NewsBlaze.