Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH: Armed Forces are Ready

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – Eurasia Theatre: Tehran/Brussels – Vienna – Moscow – New Delhi; Defense Minister Brig. Gen. Mostafa Mohammad Najjar States Armed Forces are Ready

Night Watch: TEHRAN – Iran’s Defense Ministry stated two years ago they were not going to let the U. S. attack first. I assume that also stands for any other enemy, NATO, OSCE, Moscow or New Delhi. The Jihad is always offensive and this time it is under Persian direction, intelligent evil as opposed to the clownish evil of the enemy.

The inane, intriguing mentality that thought it could use Khomeini so they sent him back to replace the Shah. The European Hydra Grand Design strategists that divided Yugoslavia and made it more twisted than the Swastika and in the name of the New World Order resulting in Old World Chaos or New Delhi’s decision to set off the nuclear bombs first in 1998. In the midst of it all London-Washington decide to construct military bases for both Saudi Arabia and Iran, which in the process placed their foreign policy under the control of Riyadh and Tehran. That is why London-Washington, the lost alliance, have convinced themselves that Bin Laden can arrange flight school training.

All out fighting begins this year. With the corruption at the top of the West and India’s decision making they have no chance to respond effectively. Russia does since it agreed to Berlin’s decision to replace the hilariously corrupt Yeltsin adminstration with the current more serious one, under Vladimir Putin. The first break of the war was the Swiss not wanting Russia’s budget. But Tehran is not going to wait for Russia to be completely ready.

I assume Tehran’s first main target is India while Tehran, through its contact with every Balkan capital, has fighting resume in the former Yugoslavia. Tehran will also have action increase in the Caucasus and begin again in Tajikistan in an attempt to destroy Russia’s base there.

I suspect Tehran may time some of the attacks with the beginning of the Persian New Year, which I believe is March 20.

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Willard Payne
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