Crossfire War – Pakistan Pres. in Malaysia to Acknowlege Nuclear Support

Crossfire War – KUALA LUMPUR – ISLAMABAD WATCH – South Asia Theatre: Kuala Lumpur – Teheran – Beijing – Dhaka – Riyadh – Islamabad/Delhi – Moscow – Washington – Tokyo – Canberra – Taipei – Singapore; Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf on Two Day Working Visit to Malaysia – Scomi Precision Engineering Major Factor in Islamic Nuclear Network

Night Watch: KUALA LUMPUR – Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf is not conducting a two day working visit in Malaysia out of diplomatic courtesy or to recognize the 50th year anniversary of relations between the two countries. But to acknowledge Kuala Lumpur’s significant contribution to the Islamic world’s nuclear network, provided by Scomi Precision Engineering, which is owned by the son of Malaysia’s Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. It is no secret in Malaysia, they are quite proud of it and they know if Pakistan is successful in its fourth major war with India then the economic future of Pakistan, and those who invest in it will be extremely profitable. [XINHUA]

Despite’s Kuala Lumpur’s and Malaysia’s ultra-modern facade they support the Jihad just as much as Teheran-Riyadh, which is why Kuala Lumpur sent military assistance to the Muslims in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the early 1990s despite NATO’s military embargo. However, concerning India, I suspect Musharraf is discussing Islamabad’s timetable for having Islamic militant units in Kashmir increase their attacks to the extent that it forces Delhi to implement its “hot pursuit” policy and strike militant bases in Pakistan’s part of the battlefield province.

Military and economic projections are the discussions here.

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