Crossfire War – Offensive Operations Featured on 4th Day of Iran Wargames

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – Eurasia Theatre: Tehran – Muscat – Kabul – Damascus – Belgrade – Islamabad/Vienna – Washington – Rome – Delhi; 4th Day of Great Prophet 2 Wargames – Iran Conducts ‘Penetration’ – Offensive Maneuvers in Different Terrain – Radar Evading Warplanes

Night Watch: TEHRAN – On the fourth day of the Great Prophet 2 wargames, Deputy Commander of Ground Forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), Brigadier General Abbas Nilforoushan stated that special ground force units called Saberin (Tolerant) were practicing penetration operations deep into a vast area of enemy territory to seize pre-determined positions, objectives. Publicly Iranian Defense Ministry officials have stated these manuevers are defensive but there is nothing defensive about penetrating deep into enemy territory to control pre-determined objectives. Tehran gave a very tolerant, defensive name to its most offensive units. It is all part of Tehran’s expert deception.[IRNA]

Air operations were also featured as they provided cover and coordinated with land forces in every variety of terrain: jungle, mountains, deserts, sea and marshland. Every capital connected to Tehran’s military axis will require Iranian units to become accustomed to operating in different types terrain if Iran intends to provide effective support and successful offensives. For example just in working with Belgrade – Islamabad will have Iranian ground forces in combat operations in mountainous, hilly areas that are common in the Balkans and along the Pakistan/India border. Iranian units that are deployed against India in the Punjab and Rajasthan will have to be familiar with desert conditions.

Radar evading warplanes were also used and tested and night operations were also practiced. The wargames are scheduled to end on the 12th of this month.

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