Crossfire War – Massive Arms Smuggling Increases from Egypt to Gaza-West

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Night Watch: El Arish – As expected fighting in a number of regional theatres will increase right after the Eid festival which has just ended Islam’s holy war month of Ramadan. In West Asia (Middle East) Debka is reporting that for the past two weeks the weapons traffic from Egypt through Sinai into the Gaza Strip and West Bank has dramatically increased. This is a network, mostly of Bedouin tribes, employed by Tehran and the increase has been timed for Iran’s own military offensive against the West, through the Balkans and against India in support of Pakistan and the Muslim community in Kashmir. Israeli officers that serve along the border between Israel/Gaza are actually describing the situation as a “security catastrophe”, ever since the government of Egypt President Hosni Mubarak relinquished control of Gaza’s borders to Hamas since Hamas took control over Gaza in June after heavy street fighting with Fatah. [DEBKA]

Cairo has actually admitted it is powerless to halt the weapons traffic, which is not just a threat to Israel. The movement of weapons includes machine guns, explosives, a variety of missiles and fighters for Hamas, Islamic Jihad and al Qaeda. The Mubarak government has even allowed 85 fighters trained in Iran to enter Gaza. But this has also allowed Tehran to have al-Qaeda cells increase their presence in the northern Egyptian cities of Alexandria, Suez Canal, Port Said and Ismailia. I also suspect Tehran has contact with the largest political opposition to Mubarak the Muslim Brotherhood and they are all waiting for the fighting against Israel to increase that will force Jerusalem to respond with its large planned offensive into Gaza.

This is designed by Tehran to inspire more Islamic radicalism, the same political forces that assassinated Mubarak’s predecessor Anwar al-Sadat in October 1981, just two years after the Islamic revolution in Iran led by the Ayatollah Khomeini. Tehran named a street after the assassin. But before Mubarak can be overthrown, he will declare war on Iran using the Egyptian military units loyal to him. However, not only is he surrounded by terrorist cells that support the Jihad and his removal, but Cairo is also surrounded by Islamic governments who work closely with Tehran, Tripoli-Khartoum-Riyadh. With the West and its units in the region under heavy fire, they will be powerless to help him.

Tyre – Gulf-Times-AFP are reporting Lebanon’s army has prevented an attack against the European units serving with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), “Our probe showed that the network planted an explosive device along the main road between Al Abbasseya and Jall El Bahr, near Tyre targeting a UNIFIL patrol, but the device failed to explode.” These units will be caught in the crossfire when Tehran has Hezbollah join the ongoing war against Israel before this year is over. Though UNIFIL has been based in southern Lebanon since 1978, there were only 2,000 troops. That number increased to 13,500 after last year’s Rome Conference at the end of Hezbollah/Israel’s war last year. As soon as the European units began to arrive, Tehran had al-Qaeda declare them an enemy of Islam. [GULFTIMES]

Qadisiya – Tehran is now directing more attacks against bases in Iraq controlled by Warsaw after an attempt to kill Poland’s Ambassador earlier this month. On Sunday, Reuters obtained a video by two unknown Shia groups, Imam Hussein Brigades and Imam Moussa al-Kadhim Brigades, “We want to tell Poland that all its interests in Iraq will be targeted by our resistance, including the diplomats, companies and troops. We only exclude journalists.” Polish forces are based in Qadisiya province in Iraq’s south and yesterday their base at Iskan was attacked by mortar and machine gun fire. A helicopter was hit but was able to land. So far, two soldiers have been slightly wounded and some Islamic gunmen were killed. Shia groups are telling Poland to leave “before you drown in the swamp.” I suspect this is a prelude to Tehran launching major attacks, with its missiles in Iran at London-Washington’s bases in Iraq. [GULFTIMES]

Ankara – AFP-Gulf-Times report Syria President Bashar al-Assad is to begin a four-day visit to Turkey today by having dinner with President Abdullah Gul this evening. That will be followed by a series of meetings with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Foreign Minister Ali Babacan. It is no coincidence this is timed just before Turkey’s invasion-occupation of northern Iraq, which will coincide with Syria-Iran entering the war against Israel. Ankara-Damascus’ projection of the regional-international impact is being discussed and the international alignment after World War III. Both leaders know the Jihad would have run its offensive course before next year is over. [GULFTIMES]

Sukhumi – RIA reports the Abkhazia government in Sukhumi, on Georgia’s border in the South Caucasus, on the Black Sea, is demanding Tbilisi withdraw its troops in the Kodori Gorge, the center of a military standoff that began last year. Sukhumi’s statement was read by spokesperson Kristian Bzhania, “Georgia must withdraw its military units from the upper part of the Kodori Gorge together with its puppet administration.” Moscow supports Abkhazia and is apparently ready to end the standoff with an air offensive. That is why Russia resumed its strategic bomber force a few months ago and has begun two weeks of simulated attacks including flights along the Black Sea. The West pretends to have great relations with Tbilisi but in reality supports Moscow, which is the West’s vehicle to retain control over the region that is a crossroads of energy pipelines. Ankara-Tehran have increased their support of Tbilisi for the past two years in the hope Moscow will be defeated as it was in the North Caucasus from 1994-96. But under President Vladimir Putin Russian forces are better led, trained and being paid. Most of the war in the north ended early in 2006 though there are some occasional incidents and that has enabled Moscow to concentrate its offensive further south. [RIA]

Tehran – The heads of five states concluded their one-day summit in Tehran on regional development of the Caspian Sea. None of their projects will be completely secure until Tehran’s offensive foreign policy is over before the end of next year. Iran’s attacks will enable Russia to ignore the agreements signed today that call for no government to allow it bases to be used for attacks against each other. [IRNA]

Pristina – B92 reports the para-military Albania National Army (ANA) is threatening to take over northern Kosovo, from the Serbian population there, “in the event of KFOR (NATO Kosovo Force), UNMIK (United Nations Mission in Kosovo), Kosovo police and Kosovo Protection Corps fails to do so by November 1.” Serbian paramilitary units, the Guard of the Tzar Lazar have been seen in the area. The statement was delivered by ANA spokesperson Garfur Adili who mentioned in an interview most ANA members are from “villages from the area close to the administrative border between Kosovo and Serbia.” It is most likely here that war in the former Yugoslavia resumes, a war Iran is going to enter in order to silence Vienna and end the investigation into Iran’s nuclear weapons program by the UN agency based there. When fighting resumes it will quickly spread to every neighboring country as they are all threatened by Albanian nationalist groups. [B92]

Belgrade – The Serbian government is giving more indications when the shooting gets started this time it will target U. S. forces in NATO more than Albanian groups. Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica is again accusing Washington of openly supporting Kosovo independence. In a statement released to news agencies he stated, “The statements we hear every day as coming from U. S. officials that after December 10, they will recognize Kosovo unilateral independence on the basis of the Ahtisaari plan, have the aim of preventing, at whatever cost, Kosovo Albanians from accepting a compromise solution for the province. The United States are pursuing a brutal policy of force and openly advocating for the disintegration of Serbia. Unfortunately, all this is proof that the United States and NATO brutally and illegally bombed Serbia and brought their military forces to the province with the sole aim to snatch away 15 percent of our country. Serbia will not allow or acknowledge the setting up of such an illegal creation on its territory.” [B92]

NATO units began their occupation of Kosovo in 1999 after a 78 day air campaign against Serbia. It was done in the name of supporting the ethnic Albanian population that was reportedly under attack by Serbian units, but after the bombing investigations discovered the attacks by Serb forces were exaggerated. There was an inner circle within NATO that wanted to make a power projection into Southeast Europe after the Cold War ended in 1990 and it was planned in the name of a New World Order, which has obviously led to a new world war no. 3. In doing so, it has divided the alliance and the European Union. It has also virtually ended any chance of cooperation on a large scale between NATO/Russia against Iran. The West may be able to arrange some air support for Moscow’s attacks in the South Caucasus and if need be against Iran-Turkey.

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.