Crossfire War – Bank of England Requests Freeze of Iranian Assets

Crossfire War – London Watch – West Asia Theatre: London – Canberra – Washington/Tehran – Doha – Muscat – Baghdad – Riyadh; Bank of England Requests Freeze on Iranian Business – Financial Operations in Britain

Night Watch: LONDON – The war with Iran has reached another level, not only as a result of Tehran’s deliberate seizure of the 15 British sailors – marines, but now with AKI reporting the Bank of England has just begun measures to freeze Iranian assets in Britain. What is being specifically targeted are Iranian financial and industrial operations in Britain that are directly involved with Iran’s nuclear industry. The Iranian state owned Sepah Bank, whose main overseas branch is in London and Iranian industrial services Kavoshhayar and Energy Novin companies. Iran’s Saman Industrial Group is also being targeted by the Bank of England. [AKI]

But it was senseless to allow these companies to operate in Britain anyway just as it was senseless to believe Tehran would make a major effort against a country which is completely unimportant economically, Israel. But Tehran knew that a lot of the West, including Britain’s government, wanted to believe Iran was going to try and destroy Israel because the West had done so much to help Iran’s military – industrial preparations and had made an enormous amount of money in doing so, which is why London had no embargo against Iran. That is hardly the decision of some local pub owner. Tehran has been preparing for a major war with the West for quite some time, its nuclear program for instance is 21 years old. That is why Britain’s government did not like U. S. President George W. Bush’s Axis of Evil speech and with Iran at the center.

Of course everyone knows the Jihad pays well. Corruption is Tehran’s greatest weapon, 2007 for instance is the 20th anniversary of the Iran-Contra Scandal engineered by the fast buck Reagan administration that laughed itself all the way to Swiss bank Credit Suisse, as they sold weapons to Iran. In the late 1990’s two European oil companies, one French, either Total or Elf Aquitaine, and the Italian oil company ENI boasted of a huge oil deal with Iran, despite Tehran’s foreign policy, as if planes and tanks can run on spirit, as if Tehran’s foreign policy was just limited to West Asia (Middle East). Those oil executives aren’t boasting now and now London realizes, after all this time, they and the West are hated by Tehran more than Iran will ever hate Israel. This is why the West’s role in this war will be completely defensive, they will never be any threat to Iran.

These Bank of England measures are far to late, very much after the fact.

Willard Payne is an international affairs analyst who specializes in International Relations. A graduate of Western Illinois University with a concentration in East-West Trade and East-West Industrial Cooperation, he has been providing incisive analysis to NewsBlaze. He is the author of Imagery: The Day Before.