Crossfire War: Balkans Theatre; Security Agreement – Target Vienna

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH: Balkans Theatre; Belgrade – Tehran – Security Agreement – Target Vienna

Night Watch: TEHRAN – Occasionally one sees a news announcement that speaks volumes and this is one example. This agreement, signed by Iran’s First Vice-President Parviz Davoudi on Sunday, is a follow up to international contracts signed between Iran and Serbia-Montenegro in 1992. The same year Tehran established relations with Zagreb, and Iran stated that Croatia was their entry into Central Europe. [IRNA]

Since then Berlin has sent to Warsaw Leopard tanks, Washington has helped Warsaw upgrade its air force and Russia is improving Poland’s Soviet era aircraft. It was in 1996 when CNN showed Iran’s very busy,brand new embassy in downtown Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia, which is largely Islamic and during the first two years of the war that began when Yugoslavia was divided, 1991-1992, had no chance to defend itself due to NATO’s embargo. NATO imposed the embargo to create more of a crisis in order to provide Brussels it’s excuse to intervene.

But in 1993, despite the embargo, Islamic fighters began to arrive, with support from Ankara and Kuala Lumpur, and they realized as did every Islamic and Western government that the reason the non-Muslim West imposed the embargo was to make a military show of force against Balkan and Islamic people. Articles at the time would admit that throughout a lot of European history the Balkans have long been used as an imperial war-playground for the leading European powers of the day.

U. S. Secretary of State Warren Christopher, when he arrived for an emergency meeting on the escalating crisis in 1993, actually called the situation the problem from Hell, which is a perfect description of the insulated European mentality that planned the crisis, in the name of the New World Order which actually set the stage of a resumption of Old World Chaos. It was perhaps the most regressive decision in modern European history and it has obviously divided more than Yugoslavia. It is now Southeast Europe as opposed to the rest of Europe especially Vienna, the capital of the Austria-Hungary Empire that also maintained hostile relations with Balkan people.

That is why it is not surprising that people throughout the region are receptive to the idea of security agreements with Tehran who also wants to silence Vienna. With that in mind Mohammad Khatami, Head of the Association of Combatant Clerics passed through Vienna late last year, as reported at, in which he discussed annihilation – of weapons of mass destruction. But if he had spoken more candidly he would have said instead annihilation of Vienna.

The Balkans is Iran and the Jihad’s avenue of invasion into Europe.

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