Bill Clinton and George W. Bush Should be Proclaimed Kosovo’s Heroes

Those who save your life and bring to you freedom and independence, they are your brothers, sisters, friends and heroes forever. Not those who kill, because they are your enemies.

The common war, freedom and independence of Kosovo united us with America. Therefore, this union and friendship we are obliged to preserve as the light of the eye, not only by empty words, lies, deceit, with deviations and with hypocrisy that harms the strategy of the common interest and the long term cooperation of Kosovo and the United States.

So, let’s look at the truth in the eye that freedom and independence of Kosovo is common historical dead of the KLA headed by it’s commander in chief Adem Jashari, supported and legalized by the United States of America under its former presidents Bill Clinton and George W,. Bush (during the war and in peace in Kosovo).

This is the valid reason and uncontested argument that supports the legitimate decision of Kosovo President Hashim Thaçi to recognize President Bill Clinton and George W. Bush’s status as Kosovo’s heroes.

Those who liberated Kosovo are Kosovo’s heroes. They don’t have other names. However, this should be formalized de jure by President of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, honoring with special gratitude Kosovo heroes, US presidents, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

So, alongside Albanian national heroes of Kosovo, Adem Demaçi and Adem Jashari, former US presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are heroes of Kosovo, because in the war and peace they brought freedom to Kosovo (1999 – 2008). President Bill Clinton and America supported and internationalized the Kosovo issue. They also legalized the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) at the Rambouillet Conference in Paris of France (February 1999).

Consequently, commander in chief Adem Jashari (brain and heart) together with his brave combatants of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) first began the war for the liberation of Kosovo from invading Serbia. US President Bill Clinton successfully completed it, forcibly defeating Serbia (78 days of NATO bombing). This was the historic victory of Adem Jashari and Bill Clinton who together brought freedom and independence of Kosovo (1999).

These two great personalities are the most deserving historic heroes of Kosovo’s freedom and independence. Otherwise, even today Kosovo would have been under colonial and imperialist tutelage of the genocidal Serbia (1912-1999).

Being that Kosovo got independence thanks to the United States, so it is logical and humane that its former presidents, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, be proclaimed heroes of Kosovo. Only the erection of their obelisks is not satisfying enough for the new history of independent Kosovo.

In Pristina capital of Kosovo, instead Serbo-Yugoslav communist memorial triangle so-called “brotherhood and unity,” should rise the high obelisk that symbolizes Kosovo’s freedom and independence with its heroes Adem Demaçi, Adem Jashari, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

These four national and international personalities that belong to XX and XXI centuries, no doubt they are the Common Flag-Eternal Symbol of the freedom and independence of Kosovo (February 17, 2008).

Precisely, the construction of the Freedom Tower Obelisk of Independence of Kosovo in the place between Kosovo Assembly and the Municipality of Pristina should be the eternal memory of today’s and tomorrow’s Albanian generations, not partisan communist Triangle “brotherhood and unity.” Unfortunately even after the change of the historical and political site of Kosovo (1999-2018), the Triangle still stands as an unbeaten “bugbear” to remind Albanians of atrocities, massacres and Serbian-Yugoslav genocide committed in Kosovo during and after the World Word Two (1945-1999).

Survival of the communist Triangle “brotherhood and unity” in the center of Pristina capital city of Kosovo Republic is the biggest shame of politics and lawmakers of Kosovo because it symbolizes the colonial invasion of Kosovo by force and by genocide by the Serbo-Yugoslav navy-stricken military, paramilitary and policing bands.

The communist triangle, set between the building of the Assembly of Kosovo and the Municipality of Prishtina, is not a symbolic national Albanian value nor the value of Western European democracy. It is the notorious symbol of violence, terror and genocide against Albanians of Kosovo, committed by Serbian communists (1945-1990).

That infamous political obelisk which marks the victory of Tito’s partisans over Albanian Kosovo, it is not human at all, because it symbolizes the denial of the historic and the right of the self-determination of Albanians to their Kosovo which Serbia occupied it during the Balkans Wars (1912-1913).

Hence, it is necessary, and right away that Kosovo leadership and lawmakers should adopt a formal decision to remove that infamous Serbian-Yugoslav communist-chetnik memorial. In that place they should build an historic obelisk with four national and international symbols of Kosovo heroes ADEM DEMAÇI, ADEM JASHARI, BILL CLINTON and GEORGE W.BUSH. These personalities have the main merits that Kosovo got it’s independence from colonial and genocidal Serbia (February 17, 2008), not the Serbian-Yugoslav communist-chetniks who fought as masked partisans. In 1945 by force, with reprisals and killing Albanian patriots, they re-conquered and re-colonized ethnic Albania’s Kosovo.

These four Albanian and American personalities, ADEM DEMAÇI, ADEM JASHARI, BILL CLINTON and GEORGE W. BUSH (national and international) constitute the quintessence of the meaning and drift of the content of Kosovo’s history, freedom, independence and democracy (1999-2018).

Without this new history, the truth of the independence of Kosovo cannot be understood, explained or justified by anyone.

As in any country of the world, those who bring freedom and independence to a people have only one name, they are called heroes. Just like Adem Demaçi, Adem Jashari, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, who have the greatest merits that Kosovo today is free, independent, sovereign and democratic state recognized by 140 countries of the United Nations (2008-2018).

For this reason, the president of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi has the historic chance that beside Albanian national heroes Adem Demaçi, Adem Jashari, to proclaim the heroes of Kosovo. US presidents, Bill Clinton and George W.Bush, are an inseparable part of the fruit of freedom and independence of Kosovo.

Nolens volens, the truth must be accepted that Bill Cinton’s and George W. Bush’s political, humanitarian and military DEED(opus) has a historical, national and international character for Kosovo, because America helped it become an independent and sovereign state, which is now recognized by 140 United Nations states.

Bill Clinton’s heroism and sealing of independence of Kosovo (February 17, 2008) by George W. Bush are legalization and justification of the KLA war on freedom and independence of Kosovo (1993-1999).

Legal recognition of hero status to Bill Clinton and George W. Bush does not in any way mean denying and depreciating the battles, insurrections, wars and sacrifices of Albanian martyrs and heroes that hundreds and thousands of them have shed blood and sacrificed their lives to make Kosovo free and independent (1878-1999).

It is a historical, political, national and international coronation of their heroic deeds because America for the first time in the history of the Albanian nation managed to bring freedom and independence to Kosovo of the ethnic Albania, seceded away forever from colonial and genocide Serbia (1912-1999).

So America (as the world superpower) with its above-mentioned presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush was that who by struggle, policy, diplomacy and humanism succeeded to achieve the dream and centuries-old aspirations of all Albanian martyrs and heroes that Kosovo to be free, independent and sovereign.

Hence, proclaiming and honoring Kosovo heroes and America’s historic presidents, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, does not contradict, contest, deny or shadow the contribution and merits of KLA heroes and martyrs, with their legendary hero Adem Jashari. Jashari, together with 23 family members fought heroically defending his home door against 5000,000 Serbian police, paramilitary and military forces, which on March 5 6, 7, of 1998, killed altogether 60 Albanians (women, men and children ) and burned the house of the KLA commander in chief ADEM JASHARI. They sacrificed their lives to liberate Kosovo from the genocidal invasion from Serbia. This, de facto and de jure is the crowning and direct recognition of the liberation and anticolonial war of the KLA for the liberation and secession of Kosovo from colonialist, expansionist, hegemonic, militaristic Kosovo and genocidal (1912-1999). See more in: wikipedia ).

Mehdi Hyseni is an Albanian Ph.D. in International Political Relations, residing in Boston.