Ann Coulter’s Barbed-Tongued Tweet Using the ‘R-Word’ Only Helps Obama!

“Been Dazed and Confused for so long it’s not true. Wanted a woman, never bargained for you. Lots of people talk and few of them know, soul of a woman was created below.” Dazed and Confused Led Zeppelin

Queen of Dark Extreme Right-Wing posturing, Ann Coulter, just helped President Obama get re-elected with her insensitive and ridiculous tweet on Monday: “I highly approve of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard.” Just about everyone would agree (and that includes Fox News) that Obama impaled (like Vlad III The Impaler, Prince of Wallachia) Romney on foreign policy Monday night. Ann is rationalizing, knowing that Mitt took a proper licking, then she inserts the R word, subconsciously undermining her own candidate.

ann coulter

I’ve been searching for a topic with a Halloween theme, but I wanted one that’s politically charged also. Bingo! Best of both worlds, thank you Ann! The Witching Hour comes next Wednesday, then the election comes the following Tuesday (two weeks from yesterday, 11/06); the important days virtually merge as one and the same with The Wicked Witch of the Right’s foul tweet, where she shows her obvious hatred for President Obama, and at the same time, her disregard for many Americans who have disabilities. A double dose of EVIL trickles forth from the viper-tongue ultra-conservative diva.

Ann has slipped up before, as reported in a CNN article (Ann Coulter’s backward use of the r word, by Emmanuella Grinberg) just posted yesterday. I’m uncertain of the date of this previous derogatory tweet of Coulter’s, but its text reads: “Been busy, but is Obama STILL talking about that video? I had no idea how crucial the retarded vote is in this election.” Apparently, Obama made a video for the National Forum on Disability Issues. I can’t even imagine Coulter having enough gumption (caked in bile) to post these comments on Twitter!

I hope every American sees these vituperative word bites, that show arrogant, flagrant disrespect, both for those with disabilities and for our President, who goes to a lot of trouble to be inclusive for this group of people, who are perfectly capable of making a positive contribution to society. The CNN article also points out, that in 2010, Congress has banned the use of these slang terms; that is, both retard and retardation, I mean to say. In the future, the correct term will be (according to The American Psychiatric Association) : intellectual development disorder. Ann’s done it twice; did she not see this new term, which is socially responsible, a vast improvement?

I don’t think so! Really, it boils down to the fact that Ann Coulter just doesn’t care. She lives in a make-believe ivory tower of poison-barbed hatred for liberals. Barack Obama is actually a moderate Democrat, but Coulter is so far over on the right side of the graph (where the Red Queen dwells), that she is fooled into believing Obama is on the radical left. This is total buffoonery, which makes me suspect there is something else at play here? I think you know what I mean, but I won’t say it, since I’m sure you probably suspect it yourself.

I would think the only TV gig Coulter can get, would be Sean Hannity; even Sean may ban Ann now after her second R slip in recent memory. Another thing that’s troubling, is that 2,993 people retweeted Ann’s slur maligning the disabled, where she uses our President as the object of the despicable, pithy jab. The insensitive infraction should be called to the attention of these fellow Coulter-esque votarients. Coulter craves attention, and she’ll get it, but the price she pays is Romney loses the election with this Bad Bird as his cheerleader.