Alliance Condemnable: Nepal’s Suicidal Parties

The so-called alliance between the seven political parties and the Maoist terrorists has come under severe criticism both inside and outside Nepal. The leaders of the seven parties had rushed to India seeking external interference in Nepal’s internal affairs and forged an alliance with the elements who have been declared terrorists by the government.

The seven political parties have played a politically suicidal game, which is against the national interest, democracy and national security. Moreover, the tendency of the political parties seeking a solution to Nepal’s internal problem on foreign soil is equally unjustified and condemnable. Going by the documents and their public statements, the seven political parties and the Maoists are in opposite directions ideologically.

Ideologically, the seven political parties are committed to multi-party democracy, universal principles of human rights and rule of law, while the Maoists terrorists are against these ideals. Thus, the alliance between these two camps is not natural. It is an unholy alliance to grab power, which must be condemned.

The unholy alliance is testimony to the fact that the seven political parties seem to be desperate for power as they are bent on doing anything and everything to gain power. The Maoist terrorists are responsible for killing more than 12,000 people and destroying national property worth billions of rupees. The Maoist terrorists must be tried in court for their crimes against humanity. But the seven political parties have given legitimacy to the terrorists by forging an alliance.

The law of the land has clearly stated that those who have any kind of association with the terrorists are terrorists. If the political parties continue to forge an alliance with the Maoists terrorists, they will lose their democratic credentials. Moreover the Maoist terrorists can never be trusted as they have betrayed many a times in the past under various pretexts.

Thus, it is certain that the terrorists are not interested in peace but just want to buy time to consolidate their network, which the seven political parties have failed to understand. If the political parties have faith in democracy, human rights and the rule of law, they must break the relationship with the terrorists and work to establish peace in the country.

Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in The Rising Nepal and was reprinted here, with permission. It now appears to be the only copy of the story available.

By The Rising Nepal

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