5 Stunning Trendy Hair Styles for The Coming Autumn

With Autumn quickly approaching, it doesn’t hurt to schedule an appointment with a hairdresser to get ready for the change of season. As the wardrobe changes to better accommodate the weather, so should the hair style to look to match the seasonal clothes. looking for some inspiration for new hairstyles?, here are five stunning trendy hairstyles for the coming months.


Just because the waves of summer beaches are gone, doesn’t mean that all waves should disappear. Winter is a great time to bring out a new wavy blowout hairstyle. With longer hair, spend some extra time with a leave-in conditioner and a blow dryer to get full volume hair that will wow people. Adding this volume to the back of the hair, while leaving the bangs short on the forehead for an even more full look. The wavy blowout is popular in Hollywood right now and can easily be done an everyday look.

Braids and Extensions

Hair will often looks even better with accessories in it. But if that doesn’t appeal consider braiding this autumn. Braids act as their own style and add layers and dimension to the locks. If when visiting a hairstylist for a braid, then leave the front untouched, giving room to play with the bangs.. But as people look to the back they will enjoy the intricacy and detail that goes into a great looking braid.A big trend now is super long ones with pre bonded hair extensions and then braid them into a super long amazing looking locks.

Low Knot

A simple low knot is another style that looks great and will tidy up hair in the back. A low knot also leaves the front relatively untouched, while pulling the hair in the back into a neat and comfortable bun. A good idea can also be to add a pennant or headband as an accessory that will add even more focus to the knot in the back.

Along with a new cut, consider adding some color as well. Wintertime is a great opportunity to darken hair and add dimension to different layers throughout. Once hair is colored, a variety of styling options opens up, from straight to curly, that will all look great and add variety to autumn look.


Poofs are still in and can be extremely popular during the winter months. Poofs typically take a lot of product in the hair to keep them in place and this isn’t something most people like to add during the hot winter months. A poof looks great as a casual look for work, but can also accentuate formal attire for a professional setting.

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