Instagram Users Approach 1 Billion, Most Effect Social Media

Many people probably already know that Instagram is the powerhouse of social media platforms. Brands are getting more and more savvy about marketing and branding through their customers. The latest stats reveal that more than 800 million users are active on the platform on at least a monthly basis.

Instagram could be on its way to a billion users by the end of 2018. In contrast, Twitter has just half that number of active monthly users, while WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have about a third of the users. The question is, what is it that has made Instagram the social media platform to beat and how do marketers use it so effectively?

Visual Aesthetics

The platform is very easy to use and that has universal appeal, and its visual aesthetics capture the imagination of marketing strategists looking to connect to prospective customers. Marketers start by learning how Instagram works so that they can effectively engage, target and sell to users.

Metrics that help measure whether Instagram is working to help companies grow their prospects include:

  • Instagram analytics
  • Instagram management

Buy Users to Ignite a Branding Campaign

One way to get started on Instagram is to buy users. There are companies that specialize in this and it’s best to use one to get things moving quickly. See how to buy Instagram followers clicking here. There are many advantages to buying followers. When a brand becomes Insta-famous, it makes marketing products and increasing the bottom line much more quickly.

The founders of sympathize with companies stepping into the online limelight for the first time. “When you set up your online empire, you do so with the aim of creating publicity for yourself, building your brand and making the most that you can out of your web pages If you have been trying to build up your reputation the slow way then we know how hard that can be.” The company was started to help these newcomers get users immediately so that they could start building brand awareness immediately.

Use Hashtags to Raise Awareness of Your #TopBrand

Currently, 1. 7 out of 10 hashtags on Instagram are branded. Hashtags help users organize and categorize content, and they’re a driving force behind the most effective marketing campaigns. A branded hashtag is unique to a marketing campaign and might be the company or product name.

A branded hashtag lets marketing teams get creative, as BarkBox did with its #BarkBoxDay which continues to drive awareness for its products.

Melissa Thompson
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