Facebook’s Unique Security Feature

Facebook Moves to Safe-Guard User’s Personal Information

Facebook’s unique security feature has the goal of stopping hackers from exploring user’s personal information.

The feature will recognize computers/mobile phones that are permitted access to Facebook accounts.

In case of unauthorized activity, log-ins, a user is sent an e-mail or text message so he/she can take action- stop the hacker before information is stolen.

Let’s say you’re not at home, but you want to access your Facebook account. You jump-on aunt Molly’s computer, or cousin’s Ada’s cell phone, but worry it’s a new device.

You’ll, still, be able to access your Facebook account. You’ll, simply, have to answer a security question.

“We’re confident that these new tools and systems will do a lot to prevent unauthorized logins and the nuisance they can cause,” Lev Popov, a Facebook software engineer, wrote in a company blog post. “As always, though, the first line of defense is you. We need you to help by practicing safe behavior on Facebook and wherever you go online.”