BG Martin Schweitzer of NDi

BG Martin Schweitzer currently serves as the President, CEO, and COO of Network Designs, Inc. (NDi), a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) that has been in operation for over sixteen years. NDi is a full-service digital solutions firm concerned with information management, cyber security, and online operations, among other things. NDi provides all manner of digital solutions through applications, tools, and training; develops websites and online and social media strategies; and employs information assurance experts that work with clients to define goals and strategies.

Mr. Schweitzer oversees operations to keep the company on track for long-term success, and his focus on integration and efficiency ensures that clients receive custom solutions in a timely manner.

BG Martin Schweitzer of NDi.
BG Martin Schweitzer of NDi

In addition to his critical contributions to NDi, General Martin Schweitzer splits his time serving on several advisory boards. Mr. Schweitzer serves as a Board of Advisory member for the Red Gate Group (RGG), another SDVOSB that offers high-quality, multi-tiered services to all levels of government operations. That includes the Intelligence Community and the Department of Defense, with specialization in areas such as intelligence analysis, strategic planning, policy development, operational design, and technology integration services. RGG focuses on providing custom solutions centered on intelligence and operations services; science, technology, and acquisitions; and information technology.

Mr. Schweitzer also serves as a Board of Advisory member for both Ballard Brands LLC and Ballard Hospitality LLC, both owned by the Ballard brothers – Paul, Scott, and Steve. The former is a firm that owns several restaurants and food brands, including 150 locations nationwide and brands sold or served in grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, airports, and more. The latter provides remote site services and complete workforce solutions for the hospitality industry.

In addition to his civilian work, Mr. Schweitzer completed many years of military service, during which he served as Deputy Director for Regional Operations, J3, Joint Staff, the Pentagon, as well as a Brigadier General. During his time in service, Mr. Schweitzer participated in eight combat and operational tours in Afghanistan, Africa, Iraq, Panama, and Saudi Arabia. His tenure in military service included operational and command assignments at every level, and he carried his knowledge, experience, and prowess into his civilian endeavors, ensuring quality, productivity, and success.

BG Schweitzer’s many years of service in the military and his subsequent work in private and public sector organizations includes senior executive management and leadership. Over the past decade, he has shifted his focus to improving human performance, productivity, and quality of life through the introduction of new and targeted technologies in the workplace.

In his many ventures over the past several years, he has proven a commitment to helping both military and commercial interests create more organized and efficient workplaces by providing customized technology solutions and helping clients to realize their full potential. This is a natural extension of his military service, where he was involved in interagency organization cooperation efforts to ensure the needs of combat personnel were met.

General Martin Schweitzer became a graduate of the National War College in 2006. A Distinguished Honor Graduate, he earned a Master of Science degree in National Security Strategy. He also holds a Master of Science degree in Education, Instructional Systems Technology from Indiana University, which he received in 1995. Prior to earning his graduate degrees, Mr. Schweitzer received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1985 from Old Dominion University in Virginia.

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