What Emotions You Will Experience After A Car Accident

Every driver is going to experience some kind of emotional change after a car accident. This will be especially true if the accident involves a fatality. Sometimes drivers can even experience these feelings for as long as a month or more. The first initial emotion will be shock and after that, the driver can experience any number of different emotions. The important thing that drivers should remember is that this is normal. In most cases, the accident happens so unexpectedly, which leaves the driver feeling like he or she was not sufficiently prepared for the situation. These feelings will fade with time and here is how experts say you can learn to deal with the emotions.

Fighting Anger, Irritability And Agitation

If can be easy for drivers to blame the opposing party. This is even true when the opposing driver isn’t at fault. Maybe the driver thinks that the other driver shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Some passengers can’t even get angry with the driver of their vehicle and the driver of the opposing vehicle. Anger and irritability are never good emotions because it will leave drivers or passengers taking it out on everyone else. These feelings are due to the stress of the whole situation. The most important thing that drivers have to remember is that they do not need to act on these emotions.

Drivers should learn how to recognize them when they are coming on and there are ways to stave off these emotions. Experts recommend doing some simple relaxation breathing exercises.

Dealing With Guilt, Shame And Self-Blame

Many drivers will beat themselves up about the whole situation. This is especially true when the driver thinks the situation could have been avoided. This usually leads to guilt, shame and self-blame. These feelings will be amplified is the opposing party is injured or fatally wounded. What the driver needs to remember is that accidents do happen and sometimes the expectations that drivers make for themselves just aren’t realistic. It is even common for many drivers to experience these feelings even when they aren’t at fault.

Just remember that drivers that aren’t at fault in an accident will need the assistance of a good personal injury attorney. Click here to find more information about attorneys and how they can help drivers that have been injured in an accident.

Anxiety, Fear and Worry

Anxiety will always be present in any stressful situation. And, a car accident certainly is a stressful situation. Anxiety can bring on a variety of negative side effects like worrying, unable to sleep or relax, trouble concentrating, feeling unsociable, confusion, irritability, loss of energy, unwanted thoughts and in the worst cases suicide or self harm. This is why it is imperative for the driver to learn how to cope with anxiety. The best way to do this is by talking about it with someone. Drivers should be encouraged to talk about the accident with someone that they trust. Family members, friends, counselors and even psychologists can help drivers talk through these matters.

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