Seniors Take Note: A Home Warranty Could Work for You

As you approach your golden years, whether you’re retiring or continuing to work full-time, there’s no question that your lifestyle changes. In so many ways, your life is only continuing to improve. You have a full history of amazing memories with equally exciting events in your future. Your family has grown up around you and you have gotten to see what each of them have done with their lives.

You may be traveling more, starting a second career, or taking up a new, exciting hobby. Maybe you’re just thrilled to have friends who have known you for years who you can spend quality time with. Still, as you age, some things that used to seem like they weren’t a big deal suddenly are no longer worth the stress or effort.

For example, you may no longer be interested or capable of keeping up with regular home maintenance. Tracking down the right handy man or DIY’ing the big fixes when a major system or appliance goes out is time consuming and physically challenging. The physical challenges aside, home repairs are incredibly expensive. A major repair or replacement might cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

While some seniors live comfortably on their retirement funds or income, there’s no doubt that budgeting is absolutely necessary to maintain consistent cash flow. A large, unexpected expenditure isn’t as easy to handle post-retirement, and it’s harder to budget for, as well.

If you’re faced with a large home appliance repair or replacement, you may think it’s a good idea to hire a local handyman. However, the likelihood that their work won’t be guaranteed should something go wrong, or that there won’t be systems in place to continue maintenance until the problem is resolved, is high.

Alternatively, you might decide to work with a big company. Unfortunately, their prices might be significantly higher, further damaging your budget. After weighing the pros and cons of each of these options, it might feel like you just can’t win. However, that isn’t the case.

A home warranty company can protect you from huge, unexpected expenses when a home appliance or system gives out. You pay a small monthly fee, usually between $25-60/month, and then a one-time service fee should something break and need repair or replacement.

It’s much easier to budget for a small monthly expense than for a thousand dollar new appliance you weren’t planning to purchase. Additionally, home warranty companies work with vetted technicians and engineers. They set everything up for you, saving you the time and the hassle of doing it yourself. If you’re looking for a home warranty company, here are a few of the best home warranty companies we recommend.

Best Home Warranty Companies As Rated by

  1. Select Home Warranty

    Select Home Warranty is rated highly or consistency of positive service. The full review will detail the actual coverage in each plan which is very important to look at.

  2. Choice Home Warranty

    Choice Home Warranty has been said to be a cost-effective option with a variety of customizable options. The full review will detail the actual coverage in each plan which is very important to look at.

  3. TotalProtect

    TotalProtect has been rated highly for transparency with their customers.

  4. Complete Protection

    Complete Protection is consistently rated as having low fees and limited exclusions in their contracts.

Best Home Warranty Plans to Look For

  1. An upgraded plan that combines both appliances and systems. Although the upfront cost is usually a little more, it provides the most coverage for the lowest overall price point.
  2. A transparent contract that lists what will be required of you in the event of a system or appliance breaking. That way you will know in advance what documentation you’ll need.
  3. Any “bonus” additions you might need – such as pool or spa coverage.
  4. A contract that outlines what will not be covered if it breaks. For example, some companies don’t cover certain parts in a large unit, such as air conditioning, if it gives out. It’s best to know these things up front.
  5. Fast turnaround for getting a contractor out to repair your appliance or system. Ask the customer service representative you speak with what the average turnaround time is for getting something fixed. You wouldn’t want to be without AC in the middle of the summer for very long!

If you’re a senior who wants to continue enjoying every day to the fullest, you don’t want to waste time, energy, or funds on an unplanned repair or replacement expense. Home warranties can erase this budgeting concern for you by providing coverage when you need it for a fraction of the cost. Consider purchasing a home warranty contract an investment in your peace of mind – you deserve to live without worrying about the expenses and work that goes into fixing major home systems and appliances.

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