Home Buying Tips for Families With Kids

There’s a lot that comes into play when buying a house, but children take things to a whole new level. Not only do you have to think about your own needs, but you also have to take your child’s needs into account as well. If you don’t pay enough attention to these details, you may end up making the wrong choice.

5 Tips for Buying a House the Whole Family Will love

You’re ultimately the financial decision maker, but it’s a good idea to involve your kids in the home-buying process and ensure you purchase a home that makes them happy and secure.

Here are a few helpful pointers:

  1. Think About Safety

The number one factor is safety. When you have children, nothing matters more. This includes both the safety of the location, as well as the safety of the home and the property.

It’s fairly easy to know whether an area is safe by looking up crime rates online and driving through the area. As for the property itself, take into account things like stairs, balconies, landscaping, and other elements that have the potential to be hazardous.

  1. Find a Good Location

Location is important in any home search, but it’s especially critical when you have kids. In addition to the safety of the area, you have to give some consideration to the school zone.

“It’s easy to ignore public schools when you have infant children, but they grow up quickly and suddenly you find yourself living in a neighborhood where the public school system is not among the best,” Green Residential explains. “Not only can this have a negative impact on your property value, but it has practical ramifications for the educational potential of your family.”

  1. Give Them Their Space

There’s no sense in buying more house than you need, but do take into account that it’s nice to have some separation from your kids, especially as they get older. If you can afford the square footage, look for a home that has separate bedrooms and a bonus or play room for the kids.

  1. Take the Backyard Into Account

It’s also smart to think about the backyard. When kids reach a certain age, it’s nice to be able to let them out in the yard and not worry about their safety. If you buy a house with no yard on a busy street, this isn’t very practical. However, if you purchase a home that has a fenced-in yard with lots of space to run around, you won’t feel like you need to supervise them as closely.

  1. Think About the Neighborhood

Finally, consider the neighborhood. In addition to crime rates and safety, you’ll also want to think about practical things. Are there kids in the neighborhood who are the same age as your children? Are the streets good for riding bikes? Is there a playground or pool? Do neighbors seem friendly with one another?

There’s nothing worse than buying a good house in a bad neighborhood. It’ll ruin the experience for everyone. Think carefully about this before making a decision.

Know When the Time is Right

It’s easy to get so caught up in the home-buying process that you start looking for the “perfect” house. But here’s a little piece of advice: it doesn’t exist. There is no perfect home and you’re going to waste many months looking if you nitpick things that ultimately don’t matter.

Figure out what the critically important elements are for your family and don’t let other factors hold you back.

Melissa Thompson
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