Avoid Christmas Hardship in 2018

Christmas is always an expensive time, and the more friends or family people have, the more expensive it gets. If people don’t plan carefully, they can end up wasting a lot of annual budget just on getting presents and end up in hardship. Use these tips to ensure hardship is kept to a minimum.

Christmas time in the city

Order Early

There’s no rule that shopping can’t be done before December. In fact there, are a number of periods during the year when it’s possible to save big on presents just by shopping a little earlier. Using Black Friday and Cyber Thursday as great opportunities, but even earlier than that, the summer sales in June or July work well. This means instead of spending a lot of money at once, it is spread out over the year.

Use Discount Codes

When it comes to things like fashion items, often it’s not possible to save too big during the sales because the most popular sizes will sell out quickly. Instead of waiting for the sales and trying to get lucky, shop with available voucher codes. Shops like Matalan have a large range of fashionable options, and it’s possible to reduce the price even further than their good deals by using codes.

Buy Frozen

A lot of people spend too much money during the Christmas period by going back to the shops over and over again for fresh items. They need to top up on sprouts, carrots, and, of course, turkeys. This causes a run on the shops making them incredibly busy, and some stores are bound to put their prices up. Save money and also stress, not to mention travel time, by buying frozen meat and vegetables in bulk ahead of time. Get enough for the whole festive season and be ready to go.

Reuse Where Possible

Another expense during the Christmas period is wrapping paper. It might look pretty under the tree, but ultimately it just gets torn off, ignored, and thrown away. Opt instead for a few pretty Christmas-themed gift bags in various sizes. Once purchased, don’t write on the bags directly but always attach a small new tag, and give them only to family members. This way, it’s possible to use them again next year at no additional cost.

Go Plastic

The same thing goes for Christmas trees. Don’t waste money on the real thing – buying a new one every year, and it’s always just dead by the time the New Year comes. Instead, use the period just after Christmas, in early January, to buy a new plastic tree. Shops at certain times of year will be clearing old stock, and then it’s possible to reuse it for years to come. Look for quality since money has already been saved, and it could last long enough to become the property of other family members!

Making savvy shopping choices for Christmas will always stand people in good stead. Get into the habit now, and start saving over and over again for years to come – what could be better?

Anne Lawson
Anne Lawson is a British writer who keeps her eye on business and trending issues that affect us all. She loves to delve into the real story and give us interesting tidbits we might otherwise miss.