Water Leech Gray Water Recycle System Opens Distribution Licenses

With the current world wide water crisis and the release of Water Leech to the US market, the company is now on the search for licensed distributors for specific zip codes across the USA.

The Water Leech is a portable Gray Water Collection System which has achieved great success across several markets around the world. With current trends moving towards water conservation and saving the environment, this innovative new product gives every home owner the opportunity to do their bit.

Over the past few months, four Australian customers contacted me about this company. They say they paid for the product but never received it. I wrote to the company and received no response. One customer contacted me to say they did receive a refund eventually. Others say they still have not received a refund. One said the company is under investigation by Consumer Affairs.

The Australian company is now offering licensed distributorships in the USA, allowing individuals in communities the opportunity to promote water conservation products and earn an income along the way.

Each distribution license is tied to a specific zip code allowing the distributor to work within their local community network presenting the product to fundraising campaigners such as schools, community groups as well as individuals, markets and fairs.

Each direct sale generates a commission, and as a further incentive with the expanding development of the retail chain market for the Water Leech, each unit supplied to a retail chain store in the distributor’s area earns that distributor a small commission paid directly to the distributor.

The ongoing development of the Major retail network rests solely with Water Leech Technologies International allowing distributors to concentrate on their local network while receiving a passive income from the Major retail chain sales.

With such reasonable prices, the product range is well placed to appeal to home owners and water conscious gardeners across the country. A full range of accessories add further appeal to both purchaser and distributor.

Distribution Licenses are available. Distributors can even appoint sub licenses to assist in the development of their networks, allowing them to further enhance profitability. Licensees receive a full set of terms and conditions and a fully supported marketing and product training kit to get them started. Distributors can even sell their license, with the only condition that the new distributor is approved by the company.

Water is a precious commodity and the Water Leech recycling system lets us all reuse water that we usually waste. The company’s distribution system looks like it should be a winner for entrepreneurial individuals and community groups, as Americans see the need to save water, money and their gardens.

Distribution License applications can be made on their website www.waterleech.us

“Water Our Most Precious Resource”

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