US Reveals Clean Power Plan to Address Threat of Climate Change

US to Cut Power Station Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Committed to ensure a safer and healthier planet for future generations, the United States of America last week unveiled the Clean Power Plan as part of its thrust to address the threat of climate change.

President Obama’s Clean Power Plan aims to cut greenhouse gas emissions from US power stations by 30% within 15 years.

In a press statement in Washington DC, US Secretary of State John Kerry said the Clean Power Plan is the latest strong signal that the U.S. is leading the world in addressing the threat of climate change.

The recent revised plan can be a venue for the American government to comply with its international pledges by taking action to cut down on greenhouse gas pollution from the largest sources.

Surface coal mining in Wyoming.

According to Secretary Kerry, power plants are the largest source of carbon pollution in the American economy.

Through the Clean Power Plan’s goal to curb emissions, the US government is on the right track to tackle the problem on climate.

In addition, the US government is ushering in cleaner sources of energy that will help transition to a low-carbon power sector, while growing the economy.

“The President’s Climate Action Plan, including today’s final Clean Power Plan, is already working to comprehensively drive down U.S. emissions, and lead the way for our international partners.” – Secretary Kerry

Obama’s Clean Power Plan

The Clean Power Plan cites measures that place important emphasis on wind and solar power and other renewable energy sources.

The revised plan also projected to cut carbon emissions from the power sector by a third in the coming decade.

In addition, the revised plan aims to curb carbon pollution from power plants and requires states to implement plans to meet goals.

US Calls For Greener Cities Around The World

Projecting that 5.2 billion people will live in the world’s urban communities by 2050, the US highlighted the need for cities to address the effects of climate change.

To address climate change, the US Department of State is committed to doing its part to help bring about greener cities around the world.

The US says it is working to deploy renewable energy technologies; build recycling infrastructure; safeguard wildlife, forests and wetlands; and help communities better protect their water resources.

Mankind Experiencing Effects Of Change In Climate

The State Department says there are undeniable and increased events like those that scientists have long predicted particularly extreme droughts, that are hammering crop production, forcing farmers out of business and driving up grocery bills.

In addition, countries have suffered gravely by more intense floods and storm surges, causing billions in property damage. The coasts are swiftly eroding, rendering homes uninhabitable and uninsurable.

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