Social Media Reacts To West Virginia Coal Mine Tragedy

It’s all over the news; the tragic accident in WV. 25 coal miners dead, 2 injured, 4 still missing. Facebook members have created a group called “Pray for the Coal Miners from the Upper Branch Mine in West Virginia.” There are currently over 30,000 members on the Facebook page. The page description is “This page is made to bring everyone together for prayer for our coal miners, families and the rescue workers involved in this tragedy. May GOD be with them all.” Facebook members from all over the country have became members of the page and have offered kind words, warm thoughts, and prayers to the coal miners families, friends, and rescue workers.

Also on Facebook, members can add a black mourning ribbon to their profile picture for the deceased West Virginia coal miners by going here. There are currently over 26,000 members participating.

Facebook members also added started this campaign today by adding the following to their profiles for all their friends to see: “LIGHTS ON for our MINERS! Leave your porch light on in honor of our fallen coal miners and until the lost miners are home safe with their family. THEY are the reason we HAVE LIGHTS TO USE! GOD HELP THEM… REPOST THIS PLEASE!”

Social media has grown very popular, and brings friends, family, and strangers with compassion for people suffering together to comfort one another and offer support with kind words that come from the heart. Even though the internet can be a dangerous place full of predators and child molesters, the internet can be full of people that are there to support others when it is most needed.

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