‘Running Dry’ Documentary Film on Global Water Crisis

The 25th Bicentennial Groundwater Conference in Sacramento, California is to include a special screening of the documentary “Running Dry.”

The compelling documentary feature film will be shown October 25, 2005 at 7:00PM for the 25th Bicentennial Groundwater Conference in Sacramento, California.

The film will be introduced by the writer, producer and director of “Running Dry,” Jim Thebaut, president of the Chronicles Group. A panel discussion regarding solutions to water crisis issues will follow the premiere.

“Running Dry” was inspired by the late Senator Paul Simon’s powerful book “Tapped Out.” Jim Thebaut, the film’s producer and director, had been developing the project in association with Simon until his recent death. Simon’s widow, Patricia Simon, has continued her husband’s legacy by working with Thebaut and will be present at the premiere.

Award-winning actress Jane Seymour narrates the film, as it takes viewers on a journey that explores the impending severity of the global water crisis throughout specific regions in southern Asia, northern China, the Middle East, Africa and the American southwest.

Various experts and world leaders, including former Soviet Union leader Mikhail Gorbachev, are interviewed throughout the documentary stating their concerns, not only about their own regions, but also about the challenges that exist throughout the world.

Every day an average of 9,500 children die due to the lack of water or disease caused by polluted water. “Running Dry” promotes and reinforces the message that water is a precious global resource, while also presenting a variety of solutions that are available to solve the crisis.

The “Running Dry” project is designed to be a comprehensive public information education project concerning the evolving water crisis.

The documentary was fully funded and made possible by a grant from American Water, as well as a substantial grant provided by Carnegie Corporation of New York. Other public and private entities have also contributed to the evolution of the project.

For more information about the film and the Running Dry Project please go to the website http://www.runningdry.org

The 25th Bicentennial Groundwater Conference

For 50 years, the Biennial Groundwater Conference has provided policy-makers, practitioners, researchers, and educators the opportunity to learn about the current policies, regulations, and technical challenges affecting the use and management of groundwater in California. This year, the conference is being held concurrent with the Groundwater Resource’s Association’s monthly meeting.

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