Remodeling Industry Takes a Turn for the Better

With the economy taking a downfall the last couple of years, the remodeling industry took a significant hit because homeowners were not spending any money on remodeling projects.

Adam Bakir, General Manager of Incredible Renovations said, “Luckily this year we are seeing the remodeling industry take a turn for the better.”

More and more homeowners are remodeling their homes to keep up with the latest and greatest trends of the season.

“We have seen an increase in the types of projects people are undertaking,” said Bakir.

As a result of so many houses in foreclosure or short sale, according to the housing industry, homebuyers are now able to get good deals and spend more money fixing them up by remodeling them.

“Two years ago, Incredible Renovations might have just remodeled a kitchen for a client, but this year, more and more clients are choosing larger projects such as a first floor renovation in addition to a kitchen and bathroom remodel,” Bakir said.

Houston homeowners are remodeling their homes to make them more functional by opening up rooms, creating more space, adding customized features to solve problems and making energy-efficient improvements to reduce waste and save on energy bills. Eco-friendly remodeling helps the homeowner leave less of a carbon footprint and therefore making them pleased that they are contributing to the environment.

“More clients are keeping their homes rather than fixing what has to be fixed and moving on. We are pleased that the remodeling industry is taking a turn for the better,” said Bakir.

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