Preventing Water Wastage at Home

In the United States, an estimated 133 billion gallons of water is wasted every day. This is equivalent to everyone flushing 5 full bathtubs down the drain (or taking a 10 minute shower) every single day! It’s not just water wastage that matters when it comes to saving the planet; it also wastes energy and costs money.

Whether washing the dishes or brushing teeth, there are ways for everyone to use less water at home and get more out of what is used, to prevent this misuse from happening.

Needless to say, life cannot exist without water. It is needed to carry out day-to-day functions like washing, cleaning, bathing, cooking, growing food, and drinking. It must be acknowledged that clean water is now a limited resource. Given the rate at which this resource is getting depleted, soon the world is going to run out of clean water even to drink.

Before talking about wasting water, it must be acknowledged that although 71 % of the surface of Earth is water, only 1% can be consumed which makes it an important thought to reflect over. Conserving water is imperative.

Water Wastage Adds Up

If facts and figures are to be believed, around 95% of the water that enters any regular household, goes down the drain. An average human uses 127% more water than would have been used in the 1950s. Leaving the tap running while brushing teeth wastes 4 gallons of water and leaky faucets can lead to wastage of 2,700 gallons of water every year. These numbers are alarming and hence, it is high time to start conserving water at home.

It is also noteworthy that the water crisis has already set foot in India and soon, global water scarcity will become the biggest issue.

Attributed to this, conserving water has become imperative for every household in the country. With certain measures, water wastage can be restricted at homes.

Water Saving Methods

Environmental conservationists urge people to start investing in water-saving equipment at home. With the increase in water-borne diseases, almost every household uses a water purifier which is a big cause of water wastage. The majority of RO water purifiers reject 80% of water as waste. However, there are many latest technologies that save this waste to an extent. Water conservationists urge people to use water filters with save-water technology that could arrest the wastage.

Many water warriors also highlight the importance of reusing rejected water and consider it a potent way to conserve water. The rejected water from RO can be saved in a tank and can be used for miscellaneous purposes like watering plants, mopping the floor, laundry, washing car, etc.

One of the most effective ways to prevent water wastage while bathing is using a water-saving showerhead instead of a regular shower. It is critical to note that a water-saving showerhead saves approximately 2 gallons of water per minute. These showerheads are screwed to the shower arm and reduce the flow of water.

Kitchens are another area where water is wasted. One of the worst times is while cleaning vegetables and fruit in the sink. The latest technology is coming to the rescue to prevent this wastage. A leading company named Pickcookware has come up with touchless kitchen faucets. These faucets, equipped with a sensor, recognize hands or objects beneath them and allow the water to flow. The flow immediately arrests when the object is retracted. This saves a great deal of water.

As the amount of water wasted due to leaky fixtures is also disquieting, conservationists also urge people to fix leaks in washrooms and other areas of the home. Staying a little attentive can save a lot of water every day.

Daily Wasted Water

Facts and figures state that the water used by a water sprinkler in a garden in one hour is equivalent to the amount of water used by a family of four in one day. Turning off the tap while shaving and brushing teeth, washing cars using a bucket, collecting rain water in a tank and using water-saving dishwashers at home are the best ways to conserve water according to the experts.

Water scarcity has already gripped some nations and in no time, it will grip the world. It is important for people to prevent water wastage at home.

Unfortunately, governments often cause more environmental damage when they say they are saving the planet.

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