New Company Healing the World

PUR2o, a NEW water purification company, has it in its sights to take on the water market by storm.

Health professionals, nutritionists, holistic health, integrative & wellness practitioners, chiropractors, massage therapists, wellness experts all agree; to be healthy you must start with the most basic element of health – water.

Water is the essence of life and foundation for good health.

There’s NO SUCH THING as PURE water from Nature

All life depends on water. In nature, water exists in many forms- clouds, rain, snow, ice, and fog … however chemically pure water does not exist.

The world’s growing and expanding population has negatively impacted the quality of the earth’s water.

Falling as rain water picks up gases, ions, dust and other particles from the atmosphere. As it flows over the earth’s surface, water picks up other impurities along the way including anything man has dumped there.

These substances may be classified as biological, chemical (both inorganic and organic), physical, and radiological impurities.

pur2o pure water
Pure water dripping off a leaf into the water below

They include industrial and commercial solvents, metal and acid salts, sediments, pesticides, herbicides, plant nutrients, radioactive materials, road salts, decaying animal and vegetable matter, and living microorganisms, such as algae, bacteria, and viruses. These impurities may give water a bad taste, color, odor, or cloudy appearance (turbidity), and cause hardness, corrosiveness, staining, or frothing. They may damage growing plants and often transmit disease.

Mizar Turdiu, a Pur2o executive, says, “It is very exciting to be able to share the health benefits of purified and re-mineralized water to a segment of the population that has been in the dark for so long. We’re told to drink plenty of water but we aren’t told how that water could actually harm us.”

PUR2o is a unique system producing the highest quality drinking and cooking water for you and your family. It is based on state-of-the-art technology in filtration, purification & mineral enrichment using methods of reverse osmosis. No electricity is ever used to ionize the water.

PUR2o is committed to creating a greater awareness of the dangers of drinking water out of plastic bottles and the long term consequences of plastic on the environment.

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