It’s Time to Stop Moving Mountains in the Name of Energy

By Scott Parkin, Senior Organizer, Coal Finance

Big Coal desperately needs a break.

But, that’s not really our style.

In the next two months, Appalachians, ex-miners, activists, grandmothers, students and environmentalists need you to help escalate the fight to stop mountaintop removal and coal-fired power plants, and to demand clean, just energy solutions.

I spent the past few months working with an incredible group of organizers, trainers and activists on the Capitol Climate Action. Since the action, my email and voicemail has been flooded by people inspired to organize new actions targeting coal in places like West Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee.

What are they asking?

How can a local action have the national impact we so urgently need?

The answer is your voice. By combining local direct action with the voices of thousands upon thousands online we can take on the coal industry like never before.

In the coming weeks, you will have the chance from wherever you are in the world to directly support and amplify the work of the most devoted clean energy activists in the United States. I’ll be writing to you with breaking updates about each new action and the most powerful things you can do to help.

If you’re already excited and inspired, you can start by signing up to take action at a coal financing bank in your area.

Scott Parkin is Senior Organizer for Coal Finance, with the Rainforest Action Network

By Scott Parkin, Senior Organizer, Coal Finance