CO2 Has Nothing to Do With Global Warming

Anthropogenic Global Warmers, AGWs, always worry about CO2 being produced by a myriad of reactions resulting in global warming. They fear the 0.040 wt%,or 400 ppm [CO2] will result in AGW.

“Physics Today” tells us we learn soil is the major component of earth’s global carbon cycle. The world’s soils contain more carbon than the atmosphere and all living things combined, and carbon into and out of the soil dwarfs the rate of anthropogenic carbon emissions from fossil fuels.

Because all organic molecules are thermodynamically unstable, they decompose into CO2, H2O, and other small molecules. Even so, organic matter entering the soil has a lifetime of approximately 25 years, and can remain for centuries without decomposing.

Cosmic Rays Hitting Earth
Clouds, which are drops of water, occur more easily when water vapor in the atmosphere can condense around particles dust or large clusters of molecules. Researchers have now shown that electrons caused by cosmic radiation can create small particles that can grow in the atmosphere into such cloud condensation nuclei. This is interesting in the light of the controversial theory proposed by Henrik Svensmark, DTU Space, who postulates a correlation between solar activity and the Earth’s temperature: when the Sun’s activity increases – and thereby magnetic fields (seen as more sunspots) – more of the cosmic particles deflect and fewer therefore reach the Earth’s atmosphere, whereupon there is less cloud formation and the temperature rises on the Earth’s surface. And conversely: when the magnetic field is weakened, the temperature drops. (Graphics: DTU Space)

As a result of the sheer holding-capacity of the soil, “gigaton” global-carbon-pools are in every major subgroup involving energy and mass transfer on earth. A “gigaton” of carbon is one “billion” tons of carbon.

From an earth-balanced carbon cycle, one can see the yearly mass transfer of [CO2] from/to the atmosphere. About 215 gigatons/yr does not remotely compare to 380 parts-per-million, ppm, yearly increase in [CO2].in the atmosphere. From this link one can see global carbon pools, in gigatons, and the major fluxes between them.[Phys. Today 67, 3, 14 (2014)]

Now we hear, Surprise: Earths’ Biosphere is Booming, Satellite Data Suggests CO2 the Cause, 6/08-Anthony Watts The planet’s greener than it’s been in decades, maybe even centuries. The results surprised scientists involved in analyzing the NASA satellite data. They found within two decades the earth became more bountiful by a huge 6.2 percent. All of 25 percent of earth’s vegetated landmasses saw huge increases.

If the biomass photosynthesis of CO2 is resulting in conversion to oxygen, it would seem to point to a self-regulating effect of the biosphere on climate. In the column (c) More oxygen – colder climate, much of the above information is discussed. NASA’s 2004 study, points to the warming and presence of CO2, a gas indispensable to plant life. CO2 is nature’s fertilizer, immersing the biota with life-giving nutrients.

“When the Sun is active, its magnetic field is better at shielding us against the cosmic rays coming from outer space, before they reach earth. With cloud cover changes, the sun alters earth’s temperature. Henrik Svensmark says a large part of global warming probably results from the lack of low level clouds which has resulted from the sun’s magnetism doubling in strength during the 20th century.”

A few years ago, scientists found the most likely origin of galactic cosmic rays, GCRs, are from the centres of distant galaxies (Active Galactic Nuclei) powered by supermassive black holes. The theory is the solar magnetic field deflects GCRs, which can seed cloud formation.

Therefore if the solar magnetic field were to increase, fewer GCRs would reach earth, seeding fewer low-level clouds, which are highly reflective. Therefore an increased solar magnetic field could decrease earth’s reflectivity, causing global warming. But that has nothing to do with [CO2].

According to Richard Mewaldt of Caltech, .” 2009, GCR intensities increased 19% over 50 years.” Erlykin et al. (2013) “Even with the record high GCRs, cloud cover would be expected to increase causing cooling. But temperatures have continued to escalate.”

Although there was a correlation between GCRs and low-level clouds until 1991 when the correlation somewhat broke down. Per CFACT – , GCR influence was based on upper-level clouds decreasing over most ocean regions from 1952-2001, and decreasing over land regions from 1971-2001.

Even so, nothing’s been fully resolved concerning a long-term “trend”in low-level cloud cover.

Giant solar eruptions can cause the GCR intensity to dive, and cloud cover can fall about 4 percent. Herein is a very large effect where earth’s clouds actually originate in space. As a result, warming could only be affected periodically with some other unknown factor controlling temperature.

The Chilling Stars – The Cloud Mystery by Henrik Svensmark says global warming has stopped and a cooling is beginning. Interestingly, no climate model has predicted a cooling of the earth. Now Svendsmark is Director, Center for Climate Research at DTU Space.

CFACT – points out how the UN has been purposely lying about recent climate information. The UN has never been a science-related organization. The title of the UN study is “Information Manipulation and Climate Agreements.” Details can be found in the column’s abstract for the American Journal of Agricultural Economics, here.

Amazing the tangled web we weave…