Do Americans Want To Ban Single-Use Plastics?

It’s no secret that American politics are divisive on all major issues, including the environment. Some Americans are woke environmentalists and others claim that much climate change science is fear-mongering. Despite these extreme differences of opinion, Americans have bipartisan agreement on single-use plastics.

If asked, “Do Americans want to ban single-use plastics,” the answer is a resounding yes. Read more about the details of this surprising agreement below.

Yes, 76% of Americans Worry About Plastic Pollution

Ipsos recently performed a poll for Oceana, which discovered that 76% of Americans worry about plastic pollution. The worry is bipartisan, although more Democrats expressed concern than Republicans.

Despite the different levels of concern, the fact that Americans are uniting against the problem of plastic pollution is good. We can better address this issue when we work together.

Yes, There Is Bipartisan Support To Reduce Single-Use Plastics

The poll also discovered that 7 out of 10 Americans from both sides of the aisle want to address the plastic pollution issue with policy changes. They want elected officials to support reductions in single-use plastic production, including at the local and state levels. Eventually, this legislation could lead to a ban on single-use plastics, but most Americans are focusing on reductions first.

They specifically want to reduce plastic bags, utensils, bottles, packaging, straws, and takeout containers. This desire is a result of the disadvantages of using single-use items while traveling, such as accidental littering, and in daily life, such as trash pile up.

Yes, Most Americans Want Plastic Companies To Clean Up Plastic Pollution

Part of the desired legislature is a shift in pollution cleanup costs. 79% of Americans want the plastic companies to pay for plastic pollution cleanup instead of taxpayers.

This desire aligns with Democratic views on progressive tax structures that benefit the lower and middle classes. Making plastic companies pay for the pollution cleanup they generate also aligns with Republican views on reducing government spending.

Yes, Americans do want to ban single-use plastics, although, as previously mentioned, they are focusing on reduction efforts first.

Many Americans want to work together and shift much of the responsibility for plastic pollution onto plastic production companies to achieve their goal. Perhaps if we can continue to find common ground through the climate change debate, we can also achieve other beneficial goals.

Do Americans Want To Ban Single-Use Plastics?
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