Pet Food Recall Update

I have been discouraged to learn that many people who turned to more healthy pet foods after the massive pet food recall, have slipped back into trusting their old brands again, believing the PR hype that the supermarket and chain store brands are now more closely scrutinizing their ingredients and sources. DON’T BE FOOLED! Now that the “scare” has passed into memory, it’s back to business as usual for those companies that focus more on profit than quality. So, I continue to urge you to pay attention and tell your friends to continue to remain diligent at reading labels and being very careful of what you feed you pets. Here are a few suggestions:

1) Make your own food.

2) Buy food from SMALL companies that use ONLY human grade or organic ingredients.

3) Go on line and check out what is NOT in their foods as well as what is. You will learn a lot. At this time I can recommend a few brands, but even these must be monitored. They are: Natura (makers of Innova, Evo, California Natural), Nature’s Variety, Primal, Oma’s Pride, Evanger’s, Newman’s Own Organics, Merrick and Wysong. There are some other small companies making safe, healthy foods and supplements as well, but these are the ones that I am most familiar with.

Today, there many brands that are being sold in grocery stores, supermarkets, large pet chains or discount stores that are using inferior and potentially unsafe ingredients in ALL their foods. The reason why is because, in order to produce in quantity, they must buy ingredients and have their foods formulated by huge companies like Menu foods (the company responsible for buying the contaminated grain from China). On the other hand, companies that make frozen raw meals must be extremely careful about their ingredients. Raw meat is especially tricky to process and keep safe, so these companies have to maintain strict controls (e.g. Nature’s Variety, Primal, Oma’s Pride). The bottom line is that the pet food industry, like the health insurance industry, is built on maximizing profits, NOT on creating healthy foods for our animals. In my opinion, only the personal integrity of the individual owners of these small companies keeps their products nutritious and safe

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Michael Torchia
Michael Torchia is an animal health and wellness expert, who writes about animal and human health and wellness.