How to Ship A Dog? The Best Transportation Methods For Your Fur Baby

Did you know over 2 million pets are transported by air every year in the United States?

With so many pets being transported how to choose the best option?

Have you been wondering what options you have on how to ship a dog?

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about shipping a dog.

How to Ship A Dog? Best Transportation Methods For Your Fur Baby

Plenty of dog owners love their fur babies as much as their children and if they are moving to a new location the dog moves too. It’s a good idea to research your options on how to ship a dog to choose the best option for you and your dog.

The four main methods of shipping a dog include airlines, ground shipping, auto, and professional shipping service.


Transporting your dog by air includes three different ways:

1. Cargo Area with you on the same plane

This is an option if you want to take your dog on the same airplane as you but they are too large to fit in the cabin. Dogs in the cargo area are transported in the same pressurized holds as the checked bags. These pressurized areas are set to temperatures between fifty-seventy degrees so your dog will be flying at a comfortable temperature.

2. Cabin Area with you on the same place

This is an option if you want to fly with your dog and they are small enough to fit in a carrier or crate that fits under the seat in front of you. Most airlines limit the number of pets in the cabin area to 2-3 per flight.

3. Cargo Area unaccompanied

This option is if you won’t be flying on the airplane but want to ship your dog on an airplane by themselves in the cargo area of the plane. Sending your dog in the cargo area will require a crate that is large enough for your dog, sturdy and adheres to IATA regulations.

Ground Shipping

There are a few ground shipping companies that offer door-to-door service when transporting your dog. This option is usually less expensive than shipping your dog by airplane and might be a better option for shorter distances. Some companies offer the option of traveling by themselves and some offer group travels with more dogs.


This option of transporting your dog gives you the most control over making sure your dog is comfortable during their trip. You can have them travel in a crate or use a dog approved seatbelt to make sure they are safe in the vehicle.

If your dog isn’t used to car trips it would be a great idea to start making frequent small trips to get them used to the car motion. When planning your trip keep in mind that your dog will need regular bathroom stops, drinking, and eating breaks.

Professional Shipping Service

When using a third party company the safest way to go with the biggest peace of mind is a professional shipping service. Companies such as keep pets and their families top priority when transporting dogs. A professional company has specialized knowledge or the different airline policies, the crate requirements, proper identification needed, etc.

Feeling More Comfortable Transporting Your Fur Baby?

After learning about the different ways on how to ship a dog hopefully you feel more comfortable with choosing which option is best for you and your companion. Moving can be stressful for everyone including your dog which means choosing the right shipping method will help relieve some stress.

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