Velvet Moon Debuts Their Holiday Classic, I’m There

Velvet Moon, an acoustic rock band based in Los Angeles, is about to debut their single, “I’m There,” worldwide. The band members are Robert Sawyer and Larry Graber, close friends who write songs and play guitar and bass together. Their love for music and many years of experience brought them together to record wonderful music.

Robert Sawyer states, “This song is a crazy horse era, Neil Young feel good studio and travelling companion to the joys of the open road. The combination of acoustic Dobro guitar and the tin box atmosphere is reminiscent of early Kid Rock.” Jeff Sawyer sat in on drums on “I’m There.”

Velvet Moon’s love for creating music is what makes the band great. They enjoy recording their music and want their fans to delight in listening to their music as much as they relished creating it.

The soft acoustic song was mastered by Mastering Engineer, Bob Ludwig, who has mastered recordings on all the major recording formats for all the major record labels, on projects for more than 1,300 artists.

This video contains Marie Duval’s beautiful graphic interpretation of Robert Sawyer’s holiday classic.

For more information, visit the Velvet Moon Website.

Velvet Moon is represented by Eclectic Media Productions National PR firm.


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