Can’t Stop The Inspiration!

Emotion. Pure, and utter emotion. I suppose that’s what most of the music industry is missing nowadays. Of course, every once in a great while you’ll get a song that “speaks” to you; much like the amazing country song, “Live Like You Were Dyin,'” sung by Tim McGraw, speaks to me.

There are songs that touch your heart, and then there are songs that are SO good that they reach in and envelop your heart. Your crying gets harder; the belief and faith you have grow larger; your backbone gets stronger; and, you take a moment to stop and think back on times that have gone past, wondering if your decisions have somehow screwed up the future.

This writer has said, in weeks past, that there is a songwriter out there by the named of Angie Woods who actually “owns” the skill and the power to write songs that make the emotions flow through your veins. Angie Woods, a person who has been through many trials of her own, has the ability to share her experiences, thoughts, feelings, and words for every one of us. She has the innate ability – and fearlessness – to lay herself bare to the world, which is so inspiring it’s almost impossible to explain by just writing it down. Angie Woods has the unbelievable gift that’s only given to a very small few – the gift of the written word.

The combination of melodies and lyrics that Angie Woods is able to put together can’t be touched by other singers and songwriters. Two weeks back, I offered quotes from some of the fun, upbeat songs that Angie Woods has given to her legions of fans. This week, I want to discuss the subject of love. Why? Isn’t that depressing, you ask? Oh, come on people. We are living in a day and age that looks up to romances like ‘Twilight,’ for heaven’s sake.

We have a craving for a love that is undeniable, and obviously a complete and utter fantasy. The reality of love and loss is much more beautiful. In a way, whether win or lose, the strength that we glean from our mistakes, triumphs, and tragedies make us who we are…and Angie Woods is a proponent of telling it straight and making us try to be better people. In fact, that’s what country music is all about.

Angie Woods can sing it out loud and clear, and bring out the emotions we all have buried inside our hearts and souls. Angie Woods has the ability to make us think further ahead. Listening to her words, we finally have the ability to allow ourselves to distribute the forgiveness that we’ve been denying – I love that line.

Angie Woods has become, to this writer, as well as thousands of others across the globe, much more than just a songwriter. Angie Woods has become an experience that we ALL have to have! In a song titled, “It Didn’t Mean Much,” Angie Woods gets to the heart of the matter. She “sees” into a relationship where it was simply too hard to handle the truth.

When you told me it was over,

I didn’t believe it was true.

But you turned and walked out the door,

And now I’m feeling blue.

But you never meant the much…to me.

This is a woman who had no idea what she had in her possession until it was far too late…or, was it? To change the future she doesn’t run after the love of her life right away. She thinks, like all of us do, and wonders whether or not this decision will one day become a, “What if I had…?”

Then, like magic, Angie Woods can turn on a dime. She can explain to her listeners, and all the hearts out there, what it would mean to share their lives with someone. What would Paradise look like and feel like once you stepped into that “Garden” with the one you loved? IS that kind of ‘Happily Ever After’ a real, tangible thing that someone can hold on to?

In, “I Wanna’ Laugh, Cry, someone can open up. Angie Woods actually takes listeners by the hand and unveils what a perfect marriage would be.

You asked me to marry you,

And that is when I said I do.

Our lives will never be the same;

Neither will my last name.

You took me out in a white limousine.

That is somewhere that I’d never been.

That is shedding your past…eliminating your fears. That is simply Angie Woods letting you look into that “someone’s” eye so that you can say yes, and experience the unknown that others would die for.

Now, of course, there are those significant others who did promise the roses and champagne, and lied. They promised the living into old age and rocking on the porch together as they stared at their beloved grandchildren playing on the lawn. With this scenario, Angie Woods allows you to shed the past, by facing the past.

In, “You’re Not Getting Away,” Angie Woods makes it known that lying about the ‘Happily Ever After’ part is as brutal as the pain inflicted by the gladiators in the ring…and you’re NOT getting away that easy. With her words, Angie Woods says, you better have the strength and spine to back up your words. If you want to hold on to that specific someone – if you really believe they’re worth it and can be forgiven – than there is a chance:

We were meant to be together.

I hate to be the one to gripe,

It’s to be you and me, not you and her.

Angie Woods knows these people – she knows us. Angie Woods, with her lyrics, can see and touch upon everyone’s reality – whether a dark and dangerous relationship, or a bright and happy love that will be the breath of fresh air that you need in your lifetime.

One of my particular favorites, I Miss You Like Crazy, focuses on how – no matter what hardship – there will come a day when you meet again.

True love will find a way.

In my heart you will always remain.

I miss you like crazy,

And I’ll never leave again

Then, almost as a punctuation point on life – or the moment when your eyes are opened wide – Angie Woods allows you to see the actual tragedy that’s out there in the world, and explains that there is a tomorrow.

She knew that she would break free.

She did, and she ran like the wind.

Didn’t stop for one red light,

Now it’s her time to win!

This is Gonna’ Make it Right. The listeners see and feel a person’s heartache as they finally ‘beat the beater’ and stand up for themselves. Angie Woods offers the inspiration for many to say, Enough! Your younger days can be a train wreck. You can make mistakes, and fall in love with the wrong one. But then, as Angie says, out of the blue, the real one can walk through the door, and you DO end up on the porch swing staring at those grandkids, and leaving the past behind.

As I said, Angie Woods shows time and time again that she has a finger on the pulse of creativity, life, fun, entertainment, and the true HEART that we all have buried inside of us yearning to be free. I’m telling you, I think someone should call Tim McGraw up to let him know that there is a songwriter on the market today that could really put some amazing words into his mouth…or his wife’s, of course.

Until Next Time, Everybody!;

(All lyrics mentioned in this article are copyrighted by Angie Woods, 2011)

Tom Ski is a master of the great outdoors. You can find Tom fly fishing in Montana, photographing elk and bison, watching birds from a hide or in the long grass, talking about life on his radio show and writing about his adventures at NewsBlaze.