The Big Uneasy: Funnyman Harry Shearer Gets Serious

Arts Express: The Big Uneasy. Spinal Tap’s Harry Shearer talks public works collusions. This week marks the 6th anniversary of the Hurricane Katrina disaster, and where homelessness, along with the ever looming threat of another hurricane catastrophe to come, apparently continues in its wake. Famed SNL funnyman and the many voices of The Simpsons Harry Shearer turns serious, with his documentary, The Big Uneasy. About the man-made Katrina cataclysm and coverups in his native New Orleans, while NPR radio refused to listen. And the suppressed history of a disaster that was not so natural after all.

**Police State: The Return Of Nick Zedd. Underground filmmaker Nick Zedd returns from cultural exile in Mexico for his Anthology Film Archives NY retrospective, The Return Of Nick Zedd. Exploring in depth during this conversation his urban removal pre-gentrification and post-9/11 critical obsessions, resisting the ‘purgatory of class divisions although there are moments of heaven in hell,’ and what exactly is going down in Mexico linking violence, oil and the CIA.

**Jerry Stiller On Swinging With The Finkels: The Seinfeld and King Of Queens feisty seasoned comic phones in from LA and doesn’t want to hang up. As he delves into the big thrill of always devilishly playing against type as an actor, surviving McCarthyism, and stealing silverware with Anne Meara.

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