Oral Fixation DVD Review: Fatal Extraction

Taking an overbite out of the Halloween fright fare out there now, is Jake Cashill’s Jersey dental stalker thriller, Oral Fixation. This combo crimedy likely to induce substantial cringes, should also effectively leave viewers in stitches, and more than dentally speaking. And while a kind of Fatal Attraction retread as in fatal extraction, there’s an intriguing when not sinister cross-country, possible stalker on stalker violence tossed in too.

Emily Parker is Rachel in Oral Fixation, a dual victim/perp sex maniac patient who is turned on by being probed surgically, and craves much more than cavity searches from her clueless dentist, Dr. McNeill (Kerry Aissa). In addition to loving the way McNeill explores her internally, Rachel is really into taking it without anesthesia, so to speak, conjuring a whole lot more fantasy S&M than is encountered on most ordinary visits to the dentist.

But his suspicious prosecutor wife Molly (Aidan Sullivan) eventually gets alarmed and on the case, by the patient’s repeat visits to the apparently repeat offender womanizing spouse. And the nasty when not naughty interrogation is soon in full swing.

Ranging from surreal to silly, Oral Fixation includes an improbable jailhouse escape; one-sided talking dirty phoned in with a machete between the toes as psycho sex toy; a refrigerated pilfered used condom; reverse guerilla stalking; and unhealthy obsessions with egghead daddy doubles. Though the movie does gives delightfully warped new meaning to the notion of violation of the doctor/patient relationship.

But can we cut it out already with the damaging screen stereotype of conniving, romantically scorned women who get even by running to the cops in favorite wardrobe slutwear, crying rape. Which seems to be second only to the perpetual tired old narrative device of female puke sessions as definitive indication of being unquestionably knocked up, without benefit of medical diagnosis.

LifeSize Entertainment


3 stars

DVD Features: Director’s Commentary; Short Doc: Welcome To Oral Fixation; Photo Gallery.

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