La Soga Dominican Film Review

Revenge – A Dish Served with Pork

Manny Perez plays Luisito, the son of a butcher. Lusito was orphaned at the age of ten when his doting dad, played by Miguel Angel Martinez was senselessly killed by a Dominican drug cartel thug.

The boy grows up, following in his father’s footsteps, but it is obvious he never fully recovers from the murder. Throughout his youth, Lusito keeps a promise to himself to take retribution on the cowardly perp who took his father away from him.

Now grown up, a change is coming for the young man. Knowing what happened to Lusito’s father, and his thoughts of retribution, Juan Fernandez, who plays the head of the secret police, recruits Luisito for his own purposes. Lusito is trained by General Colon, and he begins moonlighting as a deadly assassin. He tracks and finds drug dealers who have been caught plying their trade on the streets of New York and then deported back to the Dominican Republic. The FBI’s idea is that they can save U.S. taxpayers the expense of a trial and imprisonment. One back in Dominica, these hoods might simply be executed vigilante-style.

La Soga, Spanish for rope, is a gruesome splatter flick. It serves up more gore per frame than any other movie in recent memory. Blood is spilled by a bunch of criminals getting their comeuppance, as well as some poor pigs on the meat packer’s killing floor.

The be able to sit through this movie, you need a strong stomach. Although this revenge tale runs to a true and tried formula, it is entertaining enough to hold attention. The hero get a little humanizing treatment through a rekindled romance with Denise Quinones, who plays Lusito’s childhood sweetheart.

Lusito finally settles the score and more, cleaning up the drug dealers, the assassin and bringing down Paul Calderon, who plays the mob boss who was behind his father’s death. As with all happy endings, Lusito ends up with the beautiful girl, and can samba off into the Santiago sunset.

From “Shots! Shots! Shots!” to “Hot! Hot! Hot!”

La Soga
Good (2 stars)
In Spanish with subtitles.
Running time: 102 Minutes
Distributor: 757 Releasing

Watch the La Soga trailer:

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