Idiots & Angels Film Review

Animated Amorality Play Revisits Classic Battle of Good vs. Evil

Angel is a morally-bankrupt individual who miraculously wakes up with wings grown on his back one day. When he ventures down to Bart’s Bar, his favorite haunt, all the regulars tease him about his new appendages.

At first, he decides to have them surgically removed by his doctor, at least until the envious physician comes to covet them. And then, Angel discovers he can suddenly fly, so he tries to put his newfound talent to use for some selfish purposes. But when that avaricious endeavor is frustrated because the wings seem to have a mind of their own, our hero impulsively takes a chainsaw and simply slices them off all on his own, before returning hangout at his favorite saloon.

This chain of events jumpstarts Idiot and Angles, a mindbending, animated adventure written and directed by Bill Plympton. The plot of his imaginatively-illustrated, dialogue-free fantasy proceeds to thicken upon the introduction of a blonde temptress and a little love triangle.

A cartoon designed with adults in mind, Idiots and Angels is a delightful yarn revolving around an age-old showdown between good and evil. Credit Plympton for thoroughly engaging the viewer via a novel overhaul of a Biblical-style allegory about one of the Ten Commandments.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, except if her husband is a physically-abusive idiot.

Very Good (3 stars)


Running time: 78 minutes

Studio: Plymptoons Studio

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